Anyone here from Ipswich/East Suffolk?

Is anyone here dealing with the local NHS and the county council in Suffolk?

I’m curious and hoping to chat to others currently dealing with or have previously dealt with the system here.

Maybe we can use thread as mutual support?


I’m next door in Norfolk! Take it you’re having problems?


Hello! I’ve had lots of issues with getting mum into rehab (she had a massive stroke in February and is 77 - the hospital team’s prognosis is grim which is crazy as we’re seeing her improve all the time). I’m sure there’ll be other problems when mum’s back home - waiting for the discharge date.

But really, I’m just looking for allies.


Have you looked at

Might give you some signposts?


Ps where in Suffolk. Wife & I used to do a lot of brass rubbing in Suffolk when I lived in Colchester 40yrs ago


Thanks for the map. I’ve emailed the local Stroke support group but had no reply. I’m too busy to attend in person due to work. My parents have no appropriate transport (wheelchair) at the moment, and mum needs to be at home in time for carer visits - it’s too complicated for them to attend right now.


Some of us meet every Thu afternoons by zoom (and 1st & 3rd Fridays for carers)

Weekly Zoom Online ‘cafe’ (also Carers)

There’s also one on a Friday evening and Saturday morning but you have to join the ZOG group for the details



The hospital physios should sort out equipment your mum needs when she gets home. The physio met my husband at our house and I came home to a wheelchair rail to help me get off the loo handles in the shower and a “return” which I stood on and my husband pushed me round the house when necessary. Also I still have a perching stool in the kitchen and a stool in the shower. Mum should come home with a care package of probably carers coming in 4 times a day.
Good luck and hope your mum improves once she is home


Is this for stroke survivors?

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Sorry only just seen your question! Yes Im a stroke survivor


Anyone celebrating being premier league ???


I even got a care package assessment when I had my hip replaced a few years before my stroke. For that I was provided with various walking frames for getting around the house, perching stool including aids for in the shower, support frame around the toilets, a little swivel pad for ease getting in/out of the car, grabbing stick, gadget for putting socks on, etc etc etc. Naturally there will be a lot more required for your mum, but she should get all this when it comes time to discharge her.



Yes, this is for Stroke Survivors but more than that.

It is for everyone affected by stroke.

Relative, carer or both.
You might be family, husband, wife, child, partner, parent, cousin, friend or neighbour.

Anyone indirectly effected is included and welcome to participate here, make suggestions, ask questions, look for answers, read the jokes page.

The whole thing is a horrible stressful event. Go make a cup of tea, give yourself a minute to relax, wind down.

You are not alone we are in this together.
If I’ve left you out then my apologies, you, too.

keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smiley: :heart:

A little clarification…
Bobbi you have misunderstood the subject to which EMGs “this” applied (or taken the thread off topic)

Emg was asking if a physiotherapy assessment for equipment, support & adjustments to home was a health service as implied by Apple That is offered to stroke survivors

It is in fact offered to anybody who has disabilities that affect their mobility and safety in the home - thus includes rather than being exclusive to a stroke survivors

Your points about the trauma of stroke and the inclusiveness of the forum are valid and well made but aren’t quite aligned with the question asked