Anyone else suffering from restless leg syndrome?

Since my stroke in August 2017, I have had bad muscle spasm and restless leg in my left leg (stroke affected left leg and arm) GP says it would improve over time but the lack of sleep on the nights when it happens make the following day exhausting.  The leg spasms contort my lower leg and foot into a position that I can't replicate to show anyone! It's really weird, like my foot has been taken over by an alien or something!  I've tried ice packs, hot water bottle and exercises but no joy.  I'm having physio at the moment which helps a bit but sometimes I can just think myself into having it. Anyone any ideas? 

Hello Onwardsanupwards. I take gabapentin low dose and this helps my restless legs which i have suffered from for many years. It is an awful menace. Maybe you could ask your doc about gabapentin.

Hello, I used to have it bad, it sems tohave got better [touchwood] i used to put a elastic bandage around or tonic water might help.



Thank you Annelouise! I will mention that on my next visit.  Do you know if it's hereditary? My Mother suffered for years too. She used to swear by Deep Heat but the smell used to knock us over when we visited her lol! 

Hi Karen. I have some elastic bandages somewhere. Will dig them out and give it a go. Many thanks! 

hi i had my stroke 8 years ago and had restless legs for about 12 months i now do exercises for abour 30 mins before bed on a exercise bike and also i was told to have a bag of crisps as i was told i did not have enough salt as i do not put any salt on my food or in it this has worked i only get restless leg a couple of times per year now hope this helps mine was also on the left 

Hi Robert - Thanks for your reply. I am trying magnesium spray at the moment from Holland and Barretts.I just spray a tiny amount on my leg and under my left foot and rub it in.  Apparently, restless leg is a sign of lack of magnesium although this hasn't ever showed up on blood tests. Maybe they don't check this when they do other tests - not sure. Anyway, sometimes it works and not others. It's worse when I'm tired.