Anyone else overcome total paralysis?

The memories of it make it very difficult to come to terms with (along with all the other stuff) - for me. Must add, have had loads of counselling and am mostly OK.  Just that I have the odd dream, but am not crying as much.  This Covid 19 has brought it all back, as for many of us, and have time to reflect! I use a walker, and live alone.  Love to all. Thanks.  Peace Carole 

Dear Carole

Can I repeat the fact that I had a lot of paralysis but very fast recovery from that. Bits of me are slower to recover, but I am getting there. So never give up. Have more counselling of anything that comes your way.

Your determination is second to none, so you will come through. Keep away from anything Corona as that would not help our cause.

The dreams are weird. I had a period without horrid dreams but now they are back with me. But they are dreams and the ral world is all around us to see and enjoy.

I rather enjoy the "discovery" of a new normal, which us SS have discussed for years



Not total but no movement at all on left side.I was in a coma for 3 weeks. The stroke was triggered by a near-drowning. The first couple of weeks the physios concentrated on getting my back muscles working. Until that happened I couldn't sit upright let alone stand. After 6 months I could walk short distances, but I still use a wheelchair for distance. I have never recovered use of my arm and hand. I have a clear memory of the first time I moved my leg. The doctors had said I might ht not walk again. I would lie in the hospital bed trying to move my leg. Then one day it raised one inch up. It was wonderful. Also lovely because my mum was there. So I showed her what I could do. I've never seen her so happy.

In all it was a year before I left hospital and went home. Although I am one-handed with limited mobility I live alone, drive, work part-time.


Hi Carole, I'm sure we are all feeling a bit lost at the moment due to Covid 19 I know I'm certainly not liking staying indoors as much. I think it's why our emotions are a bit all over at the moment, we have more time to sit and think don't we. I've missed going to stroke group but we have a what's app group to keep in touch with each other which is good. We've had a couple of quizzes as well which keeps us thinking. Is there a group in your area you could join, they may have something on line as well.  
I've been left with some short term memory loss from the stroke and thought I was getting to grips with it. Hubby and I were talking about our last holiday which I was convinced was last year but was actually the year before. The last year is a bit of a blur but I'm trying not to reflect on it too much, but the lockdown doesn't help.  I was an avid reader before the stroke but it's taken me more than a year to get back into it, sometimes have to re-read a couple of pages to remind me of what I've read previously.

Hopefully things might start to return to normal soon, I'm sure we'll feel much better then.
Keep well


Thank you so much Colin.  Am mostly OK, but keep coming back to the fact that I 'hate being disabled'.  God forgive me, but it was my worst nightmare.  Hate sounding spoiled and ungrateful, but know this site is fab for sounding off!

Yeah, we have no control over our dreams, huh?  Thanks, know we will get through this................just had a bad morning!  Everyone here is brilliant. UR a great pal.  Peace Carole smiley

Thanks Janet, and v well done you girl!  Likewise, was in a wheelchair for 14 years.  Was also in a coma for a few weeks, when I was between life and death.

It's a great feeling being upright again, isn't it?  U have certainly had your trials too, and that must have been terrifying almost drowning = eek!  Your Mum must have been so proud, that's lovely.  I was also in hospital for a year = wow!  Respect. Be good to stay in touch?  Stay safe. Peace Carole yes

Thanks Ann.  Indeed, this Covid 19 situation has made us all a bit more reflective.  I will certainly look into a stroke group nearby.  Cheers.

Always loved reading too.  It's horrible coming to terms with the 'new you'.  Some people cope better than others.  Fingers crossed, all will be back to normal soon. Be great to holiday again! Your words are greatly appreciated.  Stay safe.  Peace Carole laugh

Maybe we cant control our dreams, but perhaps we can ease the horrors if we can calm ourselves. Spectacular failure on my part to date, but I iwll keep on trying.



Too true Colin.  Good luck, and I'm sure you'll/we'll all get there one day!  Peace Carole

Wow, that's some story  -  you are clearly a very strong individual.  Thank you for sharing and giving us all so much encouragement.  Take good care xx

Hi , I didnt have total paralysis.  It was just all of my left side . It was about 4 weeks and my thumb moved a few mm . Then it would usually take me about 15 mins to move it again . I just got stuck right into the physio and occupational therapy . Each little movement a milestone . I found the physio the most important , just keep at it through the times you feel like giving up . I remember crying with frustration for about 3 months just looking at my foot trying to move it . You walking with your Walker is a huge step forward in your progression . Your doing amazing . Just keep at it .

Hiya thank you so much!  You have a v v tough time too.  Bless you and WELL DONE!  Think I just had a wobble, because we have a lot of time to dwell on things during this damn lockdown.  Appreciate your kind words.  Thanks again.  You too btw!  Peace and stay well Carole

Sorry NicABella21 - thought I'd written earlier!  Thanks so much.  To clarify, have had a benign brain tumour, massive heart op and broke my hip last year too!  Am still 'only' 55, but most of this happened in my 20s and 30s.  Truly hope I can give encouragement.  No matter how pointless things seem, never give up.  Easy to say, I know, and we all have our down moments, but please try.  Best wishes xx

Hi Carole , how are you , can you email me pls as im having difficulty with my pc. Thanks , alwaysyourfriend Tony

Am happy to Tony, but like you have had serious PC problems, and have had to change my email address.  Consequently, have lost all my emails grrrr!  Therefore, could you let me know your address again please?  Not sure if you can use mine but, just in case, it is now  Be well.  Peace C

Am feeling better, but would dearly love to speak to someone who has suffered similarly???  As far as I know, my story is unique, as had a massive heart operation, benign brain tumour and also broke my hip!!!  Am 'only' 55 too!  Thanks?  xcool

Hi Janet, I was very inspired  to read your post. I'm 3 years post stroke  which affected my  left side. I'm  walking with a stick but like you have still not recovered  the use of my left arm and hand, despite regular  stretching exercises  and sessions  using an fes machine.

I was amazed to read how independent  you are despite  your disabilities. I still need lots of help with personal  care, dressing etc and can not imagine a time when I can manage alone, so was pleased to  read that you have reached that point. 

Well done, keep up the good work

Regards Sue