Anyone else had a spinal stroke?

Hello I'm new here, I had a spinal stroke on 13th March was sent home from hospital early with virtually no support in the community both due to Covid 19.

My husband was able to look after me until this week when he had to return to work. I'm normally a positive person with the attitude that tomorrow is another day but my down days are becoming more frequent. I've been told more times that I care to remember that my type of stroke is rare and very often people don't know how to treat it.  I struggle to walk both legs having weakness with the left being the worst affected, my right knee is affected by arthritis which is getting more painful daily and gives way at times. I struggle with constant tiredness and feel isolated and quite low. I've just had my 64th birthday and feel like an old woman. Is there anyone else out there that has had a spinal stroke?

Yes me!
My stroke affected the spinal column up in my neck and basically blocked one half. I lost my balance an much was affected including mobility and memory.
I was told I was very lucky…didn’t feel it at he time but most of these strokes are quite dire and deadly apparently.
I too have good and bad days…weird headaches,exhaustion and fatigue. I force myself to go to things even if not feeling great. I keep chirpy on the surface and long to do things that allow me to forget.
My husband said he hadn’t signed up for this and became bad tempered and unnafectionate. So I left.