Any free physio/treatment after 18 months?

Hi, my partner had a major stroke 18 months ago, paralyzing his right side & causing complete loss of speech.

After 21 years of living & working together we lost our life as we knew it. 

He received therapies from the NHS for the 1st 15 months but this has stopped now.

We both feel he is far from recovered & would like to carry on with therapies, but the only places I can find online cost a fortune! 

Why is therapy to get a better life so expensive? 

Does anyone know how we can get free therapies? Physio & Speech & Language.

We are in Bolton. Any help out there? We feel as though the NHS have decided that's it for us, when it is far from it.

Thank you in advance. 

This may help

Have you looked at ARNI (Action for rehabilitation from neurological conditions). They have trainers throughout the country that will come to you. Not free but not too expensive. Or they do DVD and a brilliant book called The Successful Stroke Survivor by Tom Balchin. He's the Director at ARNI and he's also a stroke survivor.

Hi, I'm  4 years post stroke  and had an Arni physio  for about six months at the beginning of  my rehab. Unfortunately  I didn't  get on with their  method of training.  I know of a couple of other  Stroke survivors who also had the same  experience.

I found that their  main object is to sell you books, dvds or other pieces  of equipment. I personally preferred  to work with my  qualified neuro physiotherapist.

It's  worth  giving  it a try ( they are half the cost of  a Neuro Physiotherapist). 

Hope  this is  useful

Regards Sue 

I know how  you feel it's  disgraceful. I had 7 weeks  NHS physiotherapy  after my stroke  4 years ago and we have had an to pay for everything  since  then (we've  spent about £19,000) thanks to the generosity  of our brilliant  family  and friends. There are lots of amazing  therapies  out there if you are lucky enough to  be able to afford  them. 

Regards Sue