Any advice? - memory and paralysis

Hi all - Mum is 11 months into post stroke now is still in a nursing home and still no movement on her RHS and no short term memory (although it isn’t getting worse and she can when pushed sometimes remember key things that happened the day before - but can never remember what she had for lunch half an hour earlier - but every day is pretty much the same for her which can’t help). She has private physio twice a week and goes to the NHS rehab maybe once a month (we have to push for this every time and I’m not sure how long they will keep it going).

I just feel that there must be more we can be doing to help. The situation is obviously hard as she doesn’t remember to do any simple physio for herself and for large stretches the nursing home is shut to any visitors but Dad (who has Essential Care Giver status) due to covid outbreaks…

Still feel very in the dark - and ideas out there?


Has anyone been in a similar situation and found anything that has helped?

(Very aware that every situation is different - but want to ensure we aren’t missing something. Mum is getting stronger mentally (now watches tv and can chat about programmes - but still won’t read which she used to love + we are able to take her outside in a wheelchair when the weather ok which she loves and she is now far better at remembering plant names - even the latin sometimes! - but still very tired and sleeps a lot.)


thanks all

@Sarahjen sorry I don’t have any specific advice for your mums situation but for my memory / concentration problems I started to look at short articles in a magazine…when I say short I mean a couple of sentences. I would read them a couple of times & then see if I could remember what they were about. It took a few months until I did but I got there. Don’t know if that helps? It’s so difficult in a nursing home as staff are stretched & just don’t seem to have the time to spend with those that need it.
Is it possible to get physio/OT to go into the home? I have known this to happen in some places. Worth investigating maybe?
Best wishes.
Ann :blush:

Thanks for the advice Mrs5k - we do pay for a physio a couple of times a week but just doesn’t feel like enough. However very tricky as Mum is often sleepy and so we really need a physio on site who can see her when she’s awake - but that is obviously impossible…so difficult. I hope you are improving. take care.

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