Hi everyone just feeling a bit anxious and after a bit of reassurance. I had a stroke about 4 months , physically I'm doing ok some left side weakness but walking ok get tired after a while though. Whilst out on Sunday I didn't feel quite right and noticed my speech seemed slow only for a few seconds but enough to frighten to go home. Since then haven't felt quite right the pins and needles seem worse than usual. I'm getting  7 day heart monitor fitted tomorrow and have been worrying about this a lot I'm hoping this may give answers as to why I had a stroke in the first place. I'm also started to worry more about having another stroke, the more I worry the worse I get its a vicious circle. Does anxiety make you feel like this.

Hi, yes I agree with you, you are probably feeling very anxious as it's only been 4 months since the stroke and it's such a shock to the system. It takes a long time to adjust to what has happened. I'm presuming you have been started on some medication to help prevent another stroke, maybe BP medication and aspirin or some people take Clopidogrel. You are probably taking a statin as well. These are the  standard types of medication give for someone who's had a stroke. It's important that you rest as much as you can to give your brain a chance to settle and rewire. You can still go out and get some fresh air and exercise but please take things slowly and try not to overdo things. If your anxiety does not settle, and a lot or people who have had a stroke develop this, it may be worth talk to your GP about it and maybe get some medication to help you with it for a while.

I had a stroke over 2 years ago and remember feeling just like you, very anxious about everything, it  is such an unexpected shock to the system so you can understand why you would feel so anxious. I promise you these feelings do go away it just takes time. 
Take good care.


Dear Rich

i am sure you are taking medication, to avoid another stroke. So, having got past the one month zone, you are not too likely to have another stroke.

better diet and some exercise is probably helpful.

Anxiety breeds anxiety. If you can get some relaxation techniques going then the anxiety will fade. Your lovely dog will take you for a few beneficial walks.

be positive, smile a lot, you are not alone





These are common fears after stroke and will ease with time. You are still in the earliest stage of recovery and will experience fatigue, odd bodily sensations and distressing thoughts. These will ease. Look after your diet, try gentle exercises and chill out listening to music. Relaxation classes might be worth trying too.

Thanks Colin, I'm on clopidogrel  and avtorostatin. It's just a bit of a worry and I try not to but it's difficult. The dog keeps me mobile that's to sure. Thanks for your advice


Thanks Ann I am on clopidogrel and statin. I tend to get lots of outdoors exercise as having a big dog he makes sure I do,  if I didn't have him I would be tempted to stay in bed some days. I am a bit of a what if this happens person even before the stroke so it's ten times worse now, just hope I get some closure after this monitor test is over. Thanks for the advice I would be lost without this site and the great folks on it.


Thanks for the advice, I really wouldn't know who to turn to if this site and the fantastic people on it were not availble.

Thanks Rich 

Hi Rich - you've had some great and reassuring responses.
Just wanted to add a word of caution about the heart monitoring. I had three lots of that after my stroke and all were inconclusive. The doctors in the end couldn't find a reason why I'd had the stroke and I initially found that hard to come to terms with. However, I knew that the medication I was on (same as you) and my generally healthy lifestyle would help prevent another one. 
I hope this hasn't come across as pessimistic, just don't want you to pin all your hopes on the monitoring. You sound like you're living a healthy life and that on its own will go a long way to preventing another stroke. 

Thanks Janet, it would be great to know what caused it but from reading stories here I realise not everyone.gets answers which must b so frustrating. I hope I do but if not I will try to remain positive. It's just at the moment I'm thinking every new thing is going to be another stroke which is quite distressing but as I read on here also irrational. Thank you for a no you for your kind words


I too have those two medications. Telling you not to worry is pretty hopeless. I spent a lot of time and effort doing self help things, like relaxation. Once started successfully they are quite easy to carry on. Especially as we have so much do nothing time right now.

many years ago i got in to depression and no way will i go back to that place. After a stroke, your instincts kick in and they are harder to get over than straight forward depression. Sometimes referred to as "fight or flight".

the sun is shining bright. The frost has melted (frost in May ??) and it will be pleasant to weed my front gravel driveway.

Sooty has already gone out and is sitting in the sun. Unlike dogs, most cats have a lot of days when they are miserable. He is having a misery day today.

keep on keeping on

best wishes


Thanks Colin great advice as always. I tell myself everyday now far I've come since it happened and concentrate and what I can do not on what I cant. Just got to learn to stop the worrying.


Hi Rich, our puppy is jealous of your dog's very impressive "throne"!!  He tries his best to get onto the sofas, but it's a No-Go Zone!!  He looks like quite a bear - huge and fluffy!!  Pets don't mind if you can't do all the things you used to ... as long as they get your attention they are easily pleased!!  We've just taken the puppy for his daily constitutional, which is quite tiring, so it's coffee and cake time ?.  

If you have kept any sort of record, you will probably find you've made lots of progress, but day-to-day it's not easy to see the progression.  It's so good that you've made friends and connections on this site - it's so amazing to meet such a great group of people, we look forward to your posts.  Take care, keep strong xx

Thanks for your reply, he is definitely king of the house and great company, he keeps me going for sure. What pup do you have. I feel like the progress I have made is good, just feels like a bit of a set back since Sunday when I had a bit of a funny turn so to speak hopefully it was nothing. This dog loves the garden Bench for sure .


I had a cerebellar stroke seven months ago, my anxiety didn't really kick until six months later and I went on meds. Talk yourself through the anxiety, trust your intuition, as I was recovering in the early months I noticed patterns, physically and mentally, that weren't painful but disconcerting, but I found I was fine. So, being able recognise them again when they repeated themselves, I was able to tell myself, I've felt like this before and afterwards was okay. Sometimes I have terrible nights but I've had these on and off for months and then I have my good nights. It's all part of the brain sorting its kit out again. They never found a cause for my stroke, these are called cryprogenic strokes and are fairly common I am led to believe. One thing I do know, I am informed now, if ever I was to have an acute change and suspected I was having another stroke, I'd know what to do quickly, that is one thing of benefit.

Thanks for your reply


Hi Rich  -  The pup is a cross breed - mother is a Red Fox Labrador, father is a Parti poodle!! (Labradoodle). He looks like a cross between an Old English Sheep dog and a messy floor mop!!!

My husband adores him, but for me the jury is still out ??‍♀️   xx

Our boy is a handful at times but love him to bits

I know how you feel. I was very anxiety-ridden for many months after my stroke.  I did see a counselor for a few visits, and she helped a lot-gave me things I could do to ease my stress.  Another life saver for me was CBD oil, about 20 mg under my tongue at night.  It  helped my muscle spasms and helped me to relax and sleep.  A nurse at the hospital told me about it.  Doctors can't prescribe it as it's not yet approved , but my GP said many of her patients use it and she and my cardiologist both okd it. Don't know if it works for everyone.  If you decide to try it, check with your doc first.  I had a heart monitor as well and they found that afib caused the stroke.  I am now on medication for that and elequis and aspirin as backips to thin the blood.  So, I don't worry about getting another stroke anymore.  I know there's a type of heart monitor that is for long-time use if they don't find anythng in a few days, so that might be a possibility.  I still get a lilttle jittery now and then, but I think that is my nerves jangling around as my brain is healing.  As time goes by your body and brain will settle down, and you will heal.  Keep a positive attitude.  My mantra is: Every day in every way I'm getting better and better.  I'll remember you in my prayers.  Love, Jeanne

Hi Jane I'm on clopiogel and avtorostatin I have been very anxious lately. I had a funny turn on Monday whilst out walking my dog I went to call him but my words wouldn't come out very scared went home very tired my wife said phone the doctor but I didnt, throughput the week was having some tingling lips and pins and needles but thought it was some after effects of stroke. Anyway by Friday did phone and he said to a and e to the checked which I did triage  doctor did BP and pulse all ok then a strenght test raise arms squeeze his hand that type of thing he spoke to th stroke doctor and was sent home but he is making an emergency appointment with the stroke ,consultant this week so hopefully not another stroke might be a TIA hope it was nothing.

Thanks jane