I had my Stroke in Sept 17, I never suffered any anxiety or panic attacks at all in the first year like some, but I'm getting them now, not sure why because I feel really relaxed, just wondered if anyone else is going through this ?

Yes i had 2 strokes last june and im getting from mild to sever panics and aniexty going back to gp monday hate them 

You'll have to let me know what your doctor says, wasn't sure if these issues will go away naturally or need some sort of medication 

Will do

Hi just wanted to say I went to my doctors regarding the anxiety, was told it's normal for any stroke survivor to suffer from anxiety & panic attacks, was offered medication which I said no too (I'm on 3 already), so was advised to exercise which I've done all week (30 mins cycling), and I can say it definitely helps. ??

ai was hospitalised in Israel nd started having panic attacks (maybe it was because i was in a strange environment) b100% better now im home) still anxious im going to have another stroke but im sort of coping.

Hi - welcome to the site, so sorry to hear about the stroke.  Well done for fighting and being a survivor - you will find many friends, and much helpful advice from the wonderful survivors on this site.  Maybe not immediately as it's Christmas, and everyone is busy!!  Fear of a second stroke is commonplace, so try not to worry too much, now that you are on medication you should be able to park that worry to one side.  Allow yourself plenty of rest, make sure you keep hydrated and try to remain positive.  If you have the time and energy, Google "Letter from your brain", it's an emotional read, but might give you an sight as to what your brain is trying to do.  If you just do one thing, make sure you rest, and rest and then a bit more rest!!

Take good care, best wishes for your recovery ??

Dear Rita

So sorry to learn of the stroke that bit you, but welcome to the forum.

We do get an irrational fear of a second stroke. My own theory is that the fear is instinct. Brain doesnt like stroke so brain will fear anything that suggests another attack.

In addition many of us get anxiety. Its part of the stroke aftermath. Try relaxation. One to one, on your own or in a group, get some relaxation techniques in place.

Another trick is to smile a lot. Minimum four smiles a day. It can be a genuine smile or fake or false or forced. They all work. You will be pleasantly amazed at the effect off a smile.

Do come back and ask anything. Usually at least one of us will be here for you. The stroke assocaition staff are on lodiday, but many of us are contributors and we simply share our experience

You are not alone