Anxiety CBT and mertazipine

Hi all,
Been taking Mirtazipine for anxiety and loss of appetite for the last 3 weeks with amazing results! Sleeping like a baby and appetite brilliant. Just a little blip now though, I have woken the last 2 mornings feeling really sick and anxious again so upping dose to 30mg.
I think anxiety is increasing generally as I’m going to Greece on Sunday and I hate flying!
Does anyone have experience with Mirtazipine?

Also has anyone done the online nhs silvercloud health courses? I’ve just signed up although I think it may only be a Welsh thing??? It’s an online cbt course which you do yourself and you have a tutor who contacts you every few weeks.


Shwmae @Seerahjane, I am just tapering off Citalopram which I have been taking for three years to manage panic attacks, Mirtazapine is one of the older types of anti-depressants called tetracyclic antidepressants as opposed to SSRIs. Anti-depressants take at least four to six weeks to settle into the system, and usually about six months before they start working harmoniously with the brain, so expect a few side effects before then. The main side effect is usually increased anxiety, but upping the dose won’t necessarily work, because your brain will still need at least four to six weeks before it can adjust. So, patience is key.

I have done the Silvercloud course, I found it okay. It felt a bit homogenous to me because the tutor’s responses seemed a little clinical and aloof, and I was under the impression that their participation in Silvercloud was just another task added to their workload for the day. However, it was interesting and I never shy aware from things with good intentions.


You could always try a travel sickness pill for the nausea, speak with your chemist first though. And speak about your current symptoms. 6 weeks is usually the golden number for taking antidepressants and it can and does get worse before it gets better in that time frame. Can you hang in there, a lot of times folk give up because they can’t it hack it. If you can, stay with it; you’ve only got about 2 weeks left to go, and that’s got to be better than starting all over again on something else. Good Luck


@Seerahjane just wanted to wish you a lovely time in Greece. Deep breaths and some distraction techniques perhaps to help you through the flight. It’ll be worth it when you get there xx


I have not done that course but thank you for mentioning it. I will search online for that and take a look.