Anxiety after Stroke


I had a bleed on the brain three weeks ago have suffered with loss of feeling down total left handside of my body.

Everyday I am driving myself forward and already up walking with stick although dizzy spells and tiredness is really holding me back.

The main issue in having is that in so worried I will have another stroke and get even more ill or even die.
As it’s only 3 weeks since my stroke I would say everyone would feel the same but its making me so nervous etc.

I had the stroke the day after my 50th birthday whilst onboard a cruiseship and had to be airlifted to a hospital. I was fit and well previously a little overweight and my stroke was caused HBP.

T hanks everyone and nice to meet you all.

Driving on is something you will want to be doing, but for now I’d take your foot off the pedal for a week or two. You have taken a severe shock to the system and a little rest and relaxation will be the best way to make a start. Coming to terms with what has happened is a hard enough task, finding a new path will be what you must do, but first give yourself a break, it will set you up to cope better, everything will fall back into perspective.

Keep coming back here, let us know how it is going, we are interested and might have things to tell you. Make you your first priority, but be gentle with yourself.

Take care,

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Thank you so much. Its the part i struggle with the relaxing I struggle to do it as I over think everything all the what ifs etc. I’ve lost interest in reading TV and music but I’m sure in time this will change

I have loads of scans coming up etc so focusing on them and hoping they are good news.

I’m quite a talkative chap so will be here alot and happy to chat to anyone who wants to.

Legs so heavy today not sure what that is. Just like a ton weight mot seeing physio until next week so will see where he/she says.

Cheers have a great day.

@Colindlynch welcome to the forum although sorry to hear you had your stroke. Not really how you envisaged spending your 50th birthday cruise.
Anxiety is perfectly normal after a stroke. It does ease in time & hopefully once you get some more answers you’ll relax about it a little. Hopefully you’re on some meds now which will reduce your risk of any future strokes.
It’s great to push yourself but fatigue can be a big issue following stroke. Make sure you pace yourself & schedule in plenty of rest too.
I lost interest in TV, Music, reading etc post stroke. This could be related to concentration/attention issues which are quite common after stroke. Have a look through the stroke association publications which will help explain it.
I too have a heavy leg feels like I’m carrying a tonne weight around at times. Your physio can hopefully help with this.
Look forward to hearing more about your progress.
Best wishes

Ann x

Hi Anne

Yes I am noticing how tired I get. Previously I would fight tiredness so my body still seems to be in a nope not ready ro rest yet mode.

I’m now on statin and blood pressure tablets.

Sorry tonhear about your Stroke was it a long time ago ? Or not long ago.

I hope we you are making a great recovery x

@Colindlynch the tiredness initially following stroke is awful. It does get better but can still creep up when you least expect it. I often suffer the following day rather than at the time I’ve overdone it.
My stroke was 7 months ago. My recovery is going well but still some ongoing issues. I keep being told 7 months is still early days, I guess one thing all stroke survivors need to learn is patience. You’ll need plenty of it as you go along your recovery journey,
Best wishes

Ann x

I f I nd I go into deep sleep when I nap during the day I’m just conscious as I don’t want to effect my night sleep.

Good to hear you are on the mend. My stroke was 3 weeks ago tomorrow but time seems to have stood still since then and it feels like months ago.

7 months for you. Has the time passed quickly or slow

Keep getting better Ann x

During the first few months I could sleep for hours in the day and still sleep 10 - 12 hours at night. I find now that I sleep around 8 hours at night & any daytime naps are usually around 30 mins to an hr. I was told by my physio as long as it doesn’t stop me sleeping at night there was no harm in sleeping in day.
In some ways I find the time has gone quick but in others it has dragged. On a day to day basis the days often seem long but then a month will have gone and I’ve not noticed. I keep busy doing all my physio exercises & as time has gone on I am doing more & more daily activities like housework.
My advice would be to get your rest where you can for now. Sometimes just sitting with your eyes closed Will help. It’s about resting the brain and even just watching TV is stimulating the brain. I often have half hour just sat with my eyes closed doing nothing.
Best regards

Ann x

Thank you Ann for all the sound advice. I will take it all on-board and plan to do things at the right pace. X

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Hi Colin. I had a bleed six years ago aged 72.Three weeks is very early days, when anxiety is still at its highest. We all fear another stroke, but if you make a few lifestyle changes and take your medication the risk will lessen and your fears will ease.

My stroke also took my left side and exercise and a positive attitude are vital. As others have said, be careful not to overdo it. Another element post stroke you may encounter is fatigue. If it kicks in, listen to your body and rest.

Hopefully, you are young enough to recover fairly quickly but please don’t push yourself too hard. If your anxiety persists speak to your gp. Welcome to our forum.

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So lovely the way everyone rallies ‘round to help, support and project anyone new who joins this group. I have found it just wonderful and I am forever grateful.

I asked exactly the same question you have @Colindlynch when I had my bleed just over a month ago but the worry of another stroke does go away or at least lessen quite considerably quite quickly and @mrfrederickson gave me some great advice:

A very valid worry but as long as your blood pressure is low and medicated along with cholesterol levels you should be fine. Take your BP regularly any blip talk to the GP”

That seemed so sensible to me it really helped and I hope it helps you too.

Hope everyone has a good nights sleep :pray:

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To alleviate my anxiety after my stroke I did several things. First, I found out the cause (afib) and am treating that. Do everything you can to tackle what caused the stroke, then put it out of your mind. It will likedly not occur again. (In your case that might be weight loss, watching salt, and BP meds) Second, I saw a counselor for a few weeks.(It really helped to have someone to talk to. She gave me tips on dealing with anxiety. Third- I used CBD oil drops under the tongue at night, so I could get to sleep, as I was so nervous about it all. Occasionally, I would use it during the day when I got real anxious. (P.S. no longer needed) Fourth–I cut out coffee, realizing that it tended to make me more jittery and added one glass of wine(diluted with lime sparkling water) every night before dinner to relax me. Fifth, I became a regular visitor to this website and received lots of good advice and a feeling of not being alone with my traumatic experience. Next, I made a conscious effort to eat only healthy, fresh food, lots of veggies and fruits, and drink lots of water. Last, but not least, I increased the laughter in my life. I watch more comedy on TV and end every night watching something that elicits belly laughs from me (like The Office or Seinfield), so I go to bed laughting.

:slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne


Such great advice. I’m feeling a bit better as each day passes.

Thank you x

Hi @Colindlynch
I am sorry to hear about your stroke and the anxiety it is causing. I am 34 and had a stroke in February.
I can fully relate to the fear of the stroke happening again leading to more serious consequences. First few weeks I was waking up at night with one side body tingling and almost fireworks sensation in my head. Everything I was waiting for a face to go numb… eventually I just talk myself into relaxing and logically understanding that the possibility of that happening is very low, especially on the correct treatment. It eases off with time. I agree with other comments, try to improve everyday but in timely manner and listen to your body needs. It helped me to imagine that I was pushing away the bad thoughts and replacing it with some nice thoughts.

I hope you will find the way that works for you. I thought I will never recover, but I did and so do everyone else. So stay strong :slight_smile:

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