Another ZOG Creativity Event - assignment open to all (before 2023)

Design a New Year’s message
:champagne: :clinking_glasses:

Exercise those artistic muscles and brain cells. :paintbrush: :pencil2:
Make or do something connected with New Year.

Knit a New Year scarf, bake a New Year cake, write a New Year poem, make a New Year card, take a New Year photograph, or create your own project.

Display your handiwork on this thread before New Year’s eve.
You haven’t much time, submit your entry before 2023 begins.
Gain admiration and supportive noises from other Forum users.
It’s all about taking part.

I’m looking forward to seeing what offerings appear here.

Keep on keepin’ on
:partying_face: :+1:

produced in association with Zoom Open Group (ZOG)


Oh no @Bobbi that means getting the little brain working again. Mmmmmm now what shall I come up with :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Great idea Bob! I’ll have a think about my creativity juices flow… :thought_balloon:

New Year

Another new year,
Rung in, as it always is,
With bells and drunkards

Singing old Lang’s syne.
How do I feel about it,
Old and disabled?

New Years signal hope,
If not for me, for others
As all New Years do.

So I wish you well
And a peaceful year ahead…
Fight on my friends, fight on


So here’s my contribution to the creativity event. I decided not to inflict my drawing on you again so wrote a poem instead :blush:

Happy New Year one and all.

Its New years eve
Big Ben’s chiming
There’s fireworks on the Thames

People partying
Singing Auld lang Syne
And Jools Holland’s hootenanny

A midnight kiss
A champagne toast
And the tradition of First footing

Resolutions made
Some kept, some broken
A promise of things to come

A Time to reflect
The year is ending
New hopes and new beginnings

For those we’ve lost
Along the way
Good memories we can share

So wave goodbye
It’s time to say hello
To the year that’s now beginning


@Mahoney fabulous poem. Love it :heart_eyes:

@Loshy you don’t need to apologise. enjoy the time with your grandkids. It’s very precious.

Happy new year one and all.



(17 syllables
arranged in three lines
of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively)

stroke forum hello
twenty two to twenty three,
friends made and friends kept

links in cyber space
reaching through time to us all
touching hearts and minds

happy new year and
best wishes, peace, to you all,
for you, being you.

:partying_face: :+1:


Fab @Bobbi that sounds very technical to me :grin::grin::grin:

Love the message in it though.

Hope you’re both feeling a bit better x

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Hilary is still under the weather, I’m sniffling along behind.
Waiting for it to all blow away,
more cuddle in warm in front of telly time.

Take care, keep well


keep on keepin’ on.
:grinning: :+1:

Oh no. Hope the lurgy does one soon. My hubby is in week 3 of his germs now. I guess it’ll go eventually.

Cuddle in warm in front of tele sounds ok to me :grin:

Sending get well wishes to @HHilary & you.

@ZX1 your first poem is excellent. It is such an amazing group isn’t it.

If that’s your first poem i look forward to the next one :grin:

Happy new year xxxx

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An Official Communique from ZOG Headquarters.

We are sorry this contest didn’t get the attention it deserved.

Unfortunately it was forgotten to book the venue, the marquee and the judges.
We hope simply taking part will have been reward enough for the wonderful use you have made of your creativity.

What has been displayed here is truly remarkable and so, to mark this, we have managed, at the last minute, to secure a celebration of your efforts.
A last minute fireworks display will be held around the world to mark this great creativity event.

Keep an eye out around midnight wherever you are on the 31st December to see the wonderful display put on to celebrate your efforts.
No expense was spared and it promises to be a spectacular and memorable occurrence.

Any resemblance to other similar happenings is purely coincidental.

Keep on keepin’ on in 2023
:partying_face: :+1: :champagne:

Raising a glass to you!