Another trip to the cinema

My second outing as a SS or disabled Man, managed to book the seats near the toilet s and not blocking anyone’s view, we were ushered in from the disabled carparking bayvia the back entrance to the. Seating.the film was a good marvel romp and not too long,also the dark interior was cooler than outside by a fare margin, already booked for another film using my cea card which gives my carer aka my wife a reduction in entry ticket price


Sounds like a successful trip out. Glad you enjoyed the film.

Every new trip out is a milestone. Well done.

The film was good continue s from the last Thor film so looking forward to it wish I could be more repaired so the effort to get there and back home is so much easier I find these outings make me realise what I cannot do and how easy it used to be when n I was pre stroke.i hate this life adjustment it’s not me.unfortuneately I am stuck in this defective body for some years to come sadly

God afternoons viewing in a cool place wish I was better stroke recovery wise. It tends to spoil my attempts at normality

Keep that pecker up Fredrickson . My problem is visual but glimpsed a tiny Holly Blue butterfly and that lifted my spirits, very unlikely I’ll drive again and frustrated by other pleasures that have gone for a Burton but worse things happen at sea and we can’t walk or push our wheelchair back. Accepting our lot is testing but I try not to dwell on it but some days take me by surprise and I’m not such a jolly fellow

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I know just how you feel for I have the same challenges one day I’m fine the next I bemoan my lost life and everything is mega bad, if I smile and say things could be worse they usually are or get there soon, I’m alive I’m loved them I can move mountains.

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Good for you with kind regards des

Thanks Des, wasn’t sure how I would feel about my friend seeing me in my disabled state but they never gave it a second thought