Another jolly

We booked a three day coach trip to see the Thursford Christmas Spectacular. Before we book anywhere nowadays, we take the following into account:

*. Is the coach company disabled friendly and does it do door to door?

*. Is the hotel disabled friendly re rooms/shower/lift?

*. Is the visitor attraction the same, with no long distances to walk between rest areas?

Everything on this trip was great, although it was a bit hectic and a lot of travel, as Thursford is in Norfolk and we live in the Midlands. The show was great and I even handled my dreaded fatigue quite well. Plan, try and you will succeed.

Well done, John. Such planning but such success. You sound like you’ve had an uplifting break. We’re still in Spain and taking full advantage of bad weather today to completely rest. Flying home tomorrow night so let’s see what the rest of the week brings. V&J x

Hi John, although I've lived in Norfolk for over 35 years, I've never been to the Thursford spectacular!!  So glad you enjoyed it, the reviews are always good, and the event is fully booked every year so you did well to secure tickets.  You'll have good memories for those days when you're feeling the fatigue, happy things to look back on ?.  Hope you get a few days of rest - Nic x


We went with a coach party with pre booked seats. Two nights in a Norwich hotel. A long way to travel, but safely home now with the usual fatigue setting in. Great show though !

Thats good John. So pleased you are able to enjoy some holiday time. I havent yet managed to "get away" but your comments give me food for thought.


We hope you do, Colin. I think I’ve said in an earlier post, our friends, Scott and Lyn, have been a constant inspiration to us, travelling the world despite Scott being paraplegic since a road accident aged 19 and Lyn with her many medical issues. Scott is now approaching his 50’s. He’d been a national hopeful in hockey until his accident. One of his quotes is ‘whatever life sends you, make the most of it, you only have one.’ 

John and I say, Go for it!

Veronica ?

My problem is not physical disability. I can get about, walk etc and I have escaped with an occasional use of walking stick/crutch and no requirement for a wheel cair. I do appreciate that I am most fortuneate.

My travel problem is that I get very high levels of SF after about thirty minutes of travel. Maybe its the jolting maybe its all in my mind. The daft thing is that I can safely drive for 30 minutes.

I encountered a similar problem with noise. I would virtually pass out if I went to a theatre or even the church services. I worked out that my brain did not process an echo, and most PA systems include an echo. As soon as I realized what the problem was, my brain learnt how to cope so I can now go to church (theatre if I want).

Maybe the travel has another factor that I have not yet grasped. 

I had an option to develop driving or develop use of public transport and I decided to go for driving. So I cant risk anything by driving further than I can cope with. I refuse to be a danger to other road users. Perhaps I would be better off if I had decided to develop use of public transport. I seem to be OK in a taxi, but havent gone more than 30 minutes so far.

Little is known about our brains and so little about the stroke aftermath. I had aphasia and after about 18 months it eased to very little difficulty, now I just have the remnants. But no medic gave me a clue that I had aphasia. It was only when the worst had worn off that I realized it was aphasia. I had wrongly assumed that my difficulty with speech was just part of a typical stroke. I didnt know any better.

Best wishes to you both


Sorry for sounding presumptive, Colin. As you rightly say, each Stroke is different and affects people in different ways. Let’s hope you can find a way to travel for longer than 30 minutes. We have been very fortunate in that John has coped with me bulldozing him into travelling. Since reading all the posts on this forum, I have cringed at my expectations of him. We are both a lot happier now I’ve eased off, I think. The many messages have helped me cope with the quirks he has been left with as well as helping him deal with his SF.  Take care, Veronica 

Colin, I do understand how you feel, because I have to factor in the fatigue as well. Every time I agree to a trip I get increasingly worried about coping, especially on long journeys.

However, on a coach you are stitting and you can close your eyes and relax or have a snooze. I try to rest each afternoon we are away and prepare myself mentally for any walking. I manage quite well and Chris, my partner, puts that down to more mental stimulation. It does take me a couple of days back home to recover though.

I hope you will find a way to travel at some point and enjoy the experience.

Enjoy a well-earned rest ? xx

We enjoyed holidays before my stroke and have been slowly building up my confidence in this area again. We began with short two night breaks in a hotel about an hour away. Always checking that the room was near reception and the carpark too. Now, a year later, we have just returned from the New Forest and a visit to Beaulieu and my first bath!!! Difficult to get out but doable just. We take a good nonslip bath mat and my suction grab handle which are so useful.

I couldn't imagine that this would be possible a year ago but my advice is to do slightly more each day. Good luck!

Thanks John. Gives food for thought and something to aim for.

Hi, i had a brain stem stroke 5 weeks ago age 54...which has affected my left hand side,. I have full mobility but sensation are all wrong. Hot and cold or dry or wet, hard and soft, i cant tell the difference. And also my skin is hypersensitive giving me awful sensations all the time... my left foot feels like its in a bucket of ice water which burns, and my kneck really aches.

My swollowing went completely but im pleased to say has returned fully already but as for my left hand side there has been no changes. I also had a stroke 10 years ago that affected the right side and that time it was my mobility and speech,  but ut did come back after about 12 months. Anyone else recently had a brain stem stroke??