Another communication platform -- interestin' ZOG might have a go at this

Elsewhere on this forum there was comment made about secure communication.

I think the forum is a useful, helpful and stimulating place for interaction.

. . . but I thought I would mention something that combines texting, audio, video messaging and more in a secure format.

to quote:

Be in your element.

A sovereign and secure communications
platform. Built by the creators of Matrix.

the link to set up and get it is here:

might see you there?
I think this could be an alternative for Zoom.
ZOG could become MOG !!

keep on keepin’ on
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Hi @Bobbi

This looks interesting and is one of a whole mushroom field of emerging platforms.

Deffo worth exploring.

There was (is? Don’t recall the name) a platform that mimicked a coffee bar - I tried to persuade the authors to give us a free subscription . One could talk at ones own ‘table’ or to the adjacent tables, to the whole room, people could present, pictures and adverts could be hung on the walls, you could move from table to table or room to roam. It gave video text etc - must be even more now and it be worth finding out :slight_smile:

There are at least a couple of Comms issues I’m aware of within the community:

  1. the interception of DM/ private messages by others and
  2. the visibility to and searchability by the whole internet, particularly the search engines (@RedFraggle )

These two are in turn behaviours & system config settings - so software isn’t the whole story - imho communities also need a representation in the running of platforms - just like any village, town & country has an ANSWERABLE council government & ‘civil service
Further: as a community we have shared interests but not a group voice - that’s lost opportunity.

There are lots of platforms in an interesting category listed on

And forms of technology supported democracy See Also on that page - as a SIG (Special Interest Group) Stroke (& TBI & ABI…) our voice could easily be more focused on improving the lot of wobblers & thrives

I don’t know of even a ½ decent list of BB & similar platforms - the Wikipedia page is hopeless - doesn’t even have Reddit let alone mightynetworks or hive/ et al…

What interests in effort improving our lot?

When did the “Z” change colour & did you have prior notice?

re. the orange flair, perhaps I was tango’ed when I wasn’t looking, or it could be a part of the green ray phenomena.

Things do happen to me. . . but ZOG continues to zog along as ever.

Orange is such a nice colour and so are orangutangs and they are really, really in need of protection. So think on.

I’d like to have a go at this platform so I’m looking for folk to experiment upon.

I’ve set up a room on Element and just need to persuade a few to try it.

It is Zoom like with more features for free.

I know it might be a bit to organise it, but have you thought of using high-powered telescopes and megaphones jacked into Marshal stacks?

Actually, the above might not meet security and privacy protocols, so instead, I think I have some Clacks somewhere you can use.

That aside, what about open-source models like Jitsi? Open-source is good for community based events because it can tailored to the users by the users if some of the users have deft technical knowledge, cough @SimonInEdinburgh cough.



It is good to hear I’m not the only one keen on open source material, there is much to be said for it.
I would guess I have an 80-90% open source system. I am keen that others know about what this means, what is available, how to get it and how to use it…

I’m just checking out jitsi, it does look relevant and I might well try it out very soon.

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An open source attitude was ingrained in me at a very young age. My father runs all open source on his desktop machine, he is 88 this year. He even builds and modifies his own computers to the spec of having more RAM and processing power than anything Amazon can farm. Yet, I use Mac. However, I feel this favouritism towards Apple was instilled during my formative university days when Microsoft was flouting its operating dominance, and Macintosh was sort of nonproprietary in many ways. How things change.



ran a quick trial of Jitsu Meet
pretty straight forward
closed now, might try again later

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