Annual travel insurance

Hi - I have annual travel insurance through my bank and of course I should advise them I’ve had a stroke, but does anyone know if I just need to do this at the annual renewal of the policy, or now? Also, does having a stroke invalidate insurance policies?

@RobFulton a lot will depend on what the policy says. I had a policy with LV & rang them to advise of my stroke & they didn’t want to know until renewal. Policy was still valid as long as i’d declared all the cobditions I had at time of taking the policy.

My advice if you’re not sure is to ring them. It’s not worth risking if you need to claim.


I also have travel insurance through my bank. I informed them prior to renewal, just to give them opportunity to refuse cover, in which case I could go elsewhere for cover. From memory, I think there is a period of time you have to be stroke-free before they’ll cover you, but as long as they know about it, you should be OK.

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I had travel insurance with Barclay’s Bank (travel pack) for over 8 years and when I informed them of my stroke they said I was not covered for anything related to my stroke so I cancelled my subscriptions and i found travel insurance 4 medical good.

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