Well it’s exactly 1 year ago that I had a stroke,I’m still here and doing ok apart from a heavy leg and no job !!
I took redundancy 2 months ago and am pleased I did but boy am I bored .
I’ve got hobbies but can’t do them all the time it’s the days when it’s too cold to go out and I end up sitting watching TV in the day I almost wish I was back at work.I get to see the consultant next week for the 1st time face to face.


@Yellowdog good to hear you’re progressing well. You could maybe look at some volunteering to help fill your time. I used to love the volunteering I dud pre-stroke. It is so easy to become rooted to the TV if we’re not careful.

Good luck with your consultant appointment.


I know the feeling - I’m really not up to working but get so bored sitting around not doing so - looking forward to the warmer days and trying radio instead of TV and have joined a few on line chat groups and a coffee morning. Is there anything like that local to you?

Yellowdog, Don’t feel to downhearted it’s probably the time of year combined with redundancy. I’m sure you can think of other ways to fill your time. Moira

My appointment with the consultant was cancelled 1 hour before I went , emergency on the ward , rescheduled for April now ,oh well hopefully it’ll be ok then .

Oh that’s a shame. Hopefully the April appointment will go ahead.

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This year of 2023 September 19 will be my 12th anniversary

Its great to hear hopeful stories as only 2 weeks in it gives me hope.of a life

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Big hugsb and more anniversary

I’d forgotten about this post :pensive:
I had my appointment with the consultant eventually,what an anti climax that was , basically he said I’m as good as I’m going to be keep taking the medication and discharged me !!

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That must be disappointing for you. I think if there isn’t anything else they can do they do tend to discharge you back to the care of your GP. If you feel like you need some more help ask tour GP to refer you to the correct specialists.

Best wishes


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