Ankle and knee swelling post Stroke

Message dictated by John!

Since suffering a Stroke, I have noticed my ankle and knee swelling on my left side especially. This is usually after walking and is very uncomfortable. Does anyone else have this experience?  Are there any solutions? 


Hi John,

I get the same issue with my stroke affected leg, the right one for me.  The only things I have found that helps is to put my feet up . I lay down on my bed but that affects my sleeping at night. I do take painkillers when I have to.

I believe it is important to exercise and use the weakened muscles as they will help pump the fluid back into the circulation.  Another vicious circle in the life of an S.S.

Sorry no solutions. 


Thank you Kay,

I give him the same advice but what do I know, lol! Funnily enough, a Dane in our hotel watched him struggling to get out of the chair and came over to advise him. He’d had a massive industrial brain injury, in a coma for 3 months, had to learn to walk, talk etc. His advice? Exercise! ??

We’re doing short trips by local bus then coming back to the hotel to rest. Lots of buses but you need sharp elbows so We may do the hop on/off bus after Christmas Day.  We’d love to do some island tours again but our trip to the Tropical Gardens at Monte was a big failure. ? We still have time if John has the energy. 

Thanks for your recommendations and hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


Sorry your trip wasn't as successful as you wished. Hope John is able to achieve your goals.

Maybe John could step on a few toes on and off the buses and blame his stroke.  ??

Have a fab Christmas and New year x



I do not have any swelling, but do agree with you, Kay, about exercise. I go to three classes a week for Active Seniors. The oldest member is 90! Mark, our trainer, is quite young, but very caring. His emphasis is on strengthing muscles, especially those associated with balance. I have found it enormously beneficial and the social side of it is stimulating. This is my second year and it has been a godsend.

A late reply John ...have been setting up my brother in a new flat here . Buying new furniture, selling his old flat etc... 

yes, my brother gets a swollen ankle as soon as summer arrives. Only on the “bad” foot.  The physio says it’s normal. It gets quite enlarged but calms down in winter... 


Hi sorry to hear about your troubles

I too have swell in my affected left side the foot gets bigger through walking and use.

I have too suck it up until such time as my recovery happens