Aneurism and stroke

I had two bleeds in my brain at back of head then an aneurism and stroke I was in Spain on hol at the time was four weeks in hos Iv been so lucky I can walk talk although speech is affected a bit esp if tired I still get head pain and exausted it’s now been six months since I had the stroke and think Iv been very lucky each day a blessing memory is affected a bit as well but on the whole I think I got off lightly considering I was in hos due to the brain bleeds when aneurism burst so got attention quick I don’t think I’d be here if I hadn’t been in hos with the two bleeds tiredness and head pains are my worst thing but I’m not complaining Iv been very lucky

Hello Snoopy, 

Welcome! you have certainly been through the mill having to cope with a Stroke whilst abroad. It was certainly fortunate that you were still an inpatient when the aneurysm burst. This is a special place to share experiences and support from other Stroke Survivors and I’m sure you will get plenty of advice on improving your recovery journey. 

Take care, Veronica and John 

Hospital is a good place for a CVA. Mine was while swimming in Florida. It was triggered by a near drowning  and put me into a coma for 3 weeks.

Thank you 

I had a bleed anuarism I was at home getting out of bath - phoned 111. I had surgery later that day, just over 2 months ago. Was in hospital 5 weeks home since then. Its dawned on me slowly how lucky Ive been - main issues are headaches, fatigue and some slowing of thinking/memor processes. Im not complaining either but I am struggling - feeling isolated and frifrustrated with how slow progress seems. Seems like I can loose hours and seem to drift from one thing to another without necessarily finishing first thing! Does this ring any bells? Cheers


Hi Andy,

I suffered  a hemorrhagic  stroke 3 years ago.  It is definitely  frustrating  and difficult  trying to cope with the slow recovery  after  suffering  a stroke.  I also find myself drifting from one task to another. I used to be an expert  at multi tasking and part of me still thinks I can ?.  I find it very difficult  trying to stay focused on anything. I used to love to read but find this very frustrating  now and stick to magazines  with small articles rather than tackle a book ?. I also find it difficult  to watch tv if it's  a complicated  drama or film, so I tend to stick to soaps  or anything  that's easy to follow. 

Regards  Sue 

Heh thanks for responding Sue. Yes my reading has been a bit limited since the anaurism. Mind you to be honest I wasnt reading as much as I used to in the year or two before - I find myself wondering whether there might have been some signposts like that leading up to the bleed itself. I was also often feeling tired before the aneurism itself happened.

TV I find I can only do with half an hour or max an hour at a time - same applies to time on the computer. And it took me ages to get my DVLA form filled in and posted off - despite thinking how good it would be to be able to go places under my own steam.

Also find moods quite changeable, you gradually become aware of things that are different, often quite subtle so its hard to put a finger on - does any of this make sense to you.


Best wishes


Hi Andy 

My stroke  was  caused by  high blood  pressure  that I wasn't  aware of. I had always  been fit and healthy. I never sat still, always  on the go, worked part time  and looked after my kids and husband.

l had never smoked  and didn't  drink much. Miss Perfect really ??. Well that taught me !! I find I can watch tv for ages but I just have trouble  following  the plot, so avoid anything with too many characters or a complicated  story  line That's  why I stick to soaps or reality  tv !!! I'm  always on my ipad. It's  the only thing that keeps  me sane sometimes but i'm not great at filling  in forms etc.

As for mood swings,  I can be up one minute and it only takes a reminder of the old me and I could cry my eyes  out. I haven't  yet managed to forget the old me and accept the new me. From reading  the posts from other survivors  this it what you  have to do  !! Well 3 years  down the line I still haven't  managed to do this.??? I wish I could  but I regularly  torture  myself and look at photos  and watch  videos of the old days and it still breaks my  heart. 

Sorry for not being more positive but sometimes  it does you good to have a moan and a rant. 

Regards Sue 



Hi Sue, I think your post will resonate with anyone who has suffered a stroke, and their closest friends and family.  I feel really cross with my own brothers (and some friends), who seem to be so reckless with their health and yet never have a day's illness.  I wouldn't wish bad health on anyone, but sometimes, can't help feeling that it's SO unfair.  

I sound like a bad person even saying that, and will remove the post if anyone takes offence.  Maybe I'm just having a ? day!!  Anyway, crashing on ... ? will hopefully be celebrating the NHS this weekend, and banishing all bad thoughts ? xx

Stay strong, thanks for posting xx

Hi Nic thanks for your comments.  I'm  sure you

haven't offended anyone. I know we have to try and be positive  but I also believe that we need to be honest about how stroke  effects  our lives. I've had a ticking off a couple of times  when I have been  honest  about how I feel.

I will definitely be celebrating  the NHS  but I'm  also celebrating  my 60th birthday  this weekend.  I have a house full of the most beautiful  smelling  flowers and the most delicious  looking cakes.

Happy Days  ??xx Take care xx


Regards  Sue 

Very happy birthday wishes ? (I have also just celebrated my 60th birthday, very strange to spend it in lockdown, but there were other lovely things happening to make it special!!)

Agree, we DO need others to understand the effects of stroke; education is needed, particularly of medical professionals, even those who specialise in stroke often can't really understand the day-to-day challenges.  However, that's another conversation ... off you go, and hope you enjoy your birthday!!  

Best wishes, Nic xx

Nothing wrong with a good rant Sue!

I guess Im lucky left it til Im 67 - first operation aside from having my wisdom teeth out, oh well.

Wishing you well