And a cold on top

Just to add to the misery in life I have been struck by the family head cold after holding it at bay since the weekend, it just makes the whole body hurt and life gets worse on top of stroke issues

Tissues and paracetamol are the order of the day, not feeling very cheerful sorry but it will pass unlike my other issues in a few days. Typical when starting my new job, no good luck since before the d stroke hit, I would love a change in fortune


Yes Jane it does, especially when you think it couldn’t be worse it goes ahead and shows you it could be worse, make’s one wonder why, what’s it all about apart from suffering. Degrees of suffering and how we cope.

It escapes me,



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Hi Mark, @mrfrederickson sorry to hear you’ve picked up the cold that’s doing the rounds. Hopefully you’ll feel better in a few days. Rest & fluids is probably a good idea. Sometimes it feels like things are all against us doesn’t it.

Fingers crossed for better luck soon.

Take care.

Ann xxx

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No excuses now MrFrederickson you’ve started so you’ll finish. No more sitting laurels procrastinating, get out there and start on your new job and take your tissues with you :laughing: Joking aside, fresh air is good for it, closeting yourself away only breads the germs you’re expelling to re infecting yourself. Sitting around will only make that cold last longer and possibly fester into something far worse, you don’t want it developing into pneumonia. You make your own luck :wink:

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More exercise is the key but my impairment is stopping my progression to full walking, so once I’m right, I’ll get down to it with a frenzy

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Thanks Ann

I feel buffeted by all the stroke issues and now a cold and on top more health issues as yet in known has knocked me for 6 I’m afraid, so much for a long life, looks unlikely


I think stroke makes us all look at our own mortality but i find its not good to think about it too much. No one knows whats around the corner - perhaps a good job really.

Hope you feel better soon. Things will seem vetter when you do. X

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Worse than a cold Ann it’s Covid hope it eases soon.
Now my son has been attacked in the bus station, what a great time we are having

Sorry to hear you have Covid Mark @mrfrederickson rest & plenty of fluids & hopefully you’ll be through the worst in a day or two.

Hope your son is ok? I bet he’s a bit shaken but I hope not hurt too badly.

Seems things are conspiring against you at tue minute but you’ll come through it honest.

Sending you my very best wishes. Look after yourself xxxx

Just got home feeling useless now in this state

In my prime I was awesome

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@mrfrederickson how are you feeling? I hope you are starting to turn a corner & are on your way back to feeling well again.

Wil give it a go

I tested positive for Covid, to make my sorry existence that much more painful.
When will my luck change

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You are awesome version 2 now!!!

I hope your son is ok Mark.

Hows the job going? Hopefully youre over the worst of covid and back, building your strength up


The job gets more serious next eeek with meetings to develop the output needed to complete my contract.
Covid has not improved much just an annoying cough now and then a runny nose.
My son has come through his attack bravely but not keen on walking anywhere in the town centre for fear of coming across the same bunch of lads that accosted him last time

The police were involved and will be visiting the boys concerned and their parents, so hopefully that will be an end to it soon
As I became infected at the stroke association meeting last Monday it will be 7 out of my 10 days of recovery, mid week should see me turn a corner.

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He will meet his friends on the bus for college tomorrow they are protective of each other so he will be fine


Thats good to hear thst hes got good pals that look put for each other. Makes all the difference in rvery asoect of life, including stroke recovery.

Hopefully youll feel better again soon and be readyvto attack your big week in work.

All the very best to you smd your familyMark