An over reaction

Hi everyone I had a melt down this morning :smiling_face_with_tear:lost part of a tooth . I’m 14 months post stroke doing well with my rehab but I’ve sobbed this morning . I’ve coped with so much but my emotions are all over the place I feel stupid crying over this soz to moan :pensive:


Thanku loshy :kissing_heart:yes will ring dentist on Monday hopefully will see me asap . If I can get an appointment :crossed_fingers:an expense we cud do without tho :pensive:. I feel my tears are always bubbling under the surface even on a good day :pensive:u take care hope ur feeling better now too :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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@christine2 sorry to hear you’re feeling emotional. It’s really common to be like that. I always feel like I can burst into tears over nothing in particular. Hope the tooth isn’t causing you any pain.
Take care & hope you feel better soon xxx

Sorry to hear that @christine2, I think your reaction is totally rational, it’s really tough having other challenges and problems thrown into the mix of post stroke. It’s not something us stroke survivors need as we tackle everything else we must deal with. I hope the dentist can resolve the issue at a reasonable price.

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Oh Christine, this does happen I’m afraid. Everything post stroke is very testing and we can get frustrated over the simplest things. Try to relax more and take short rests during the day. Talk to your gp if you feel things are getting out of control. Counselling may help.

Thank you all for your kind words and reassurance . Feeling better now and hubby took me out for a cream tea this afternoon . My tooth isn’t giving me pain atm so I’m grateful for that . Hopefully the dentist will sort me out next week .


Oh now theres an idea…cream tea on prescription :yum::yum::yum::yum:


THanku all again for your replies I’ve got appointment at dentist tomoz afternoon . I played on my stroke a bit to get in … naughty I know . I said i relied on right side to chew since left side of mouth is weak … dear dear so cudnt eat much I’ll never go to heaven haha it’s only an assessment tomoz so will have to go bak again for a filling or crown :flushed: hope ur all ok this morning xx best wishes

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@christine2 glad you’ve got an appointment. Don’t blame you for playing on your stroke a bit. Hope it’s nothing too costly for you. Xx

Thanku all again for your replies :relaxed: Bin to the dentist and got a temporary filling now next appointment not til the 15 December :flushed: but at least it’s not giving me pain touchwood.


I had my stroke in April and thought i was doing so well , i went back to work after being off since my stroke and yesterday went to the supermarket on my lunch as i was getting to my car my right leg lost all feeling resulting on me falling with the worst fall im black and blue all over , i returned to work and didnt mention it as my employer was trying to pay me off saying im not fit to work , sat there in agony came home that night and burst into tears , life is cruel at time but we shake it off and face another day xx

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I’m so sorry BOnnie to hear you’ve had a fall my crying over a broken tooth was an over reaction but you have good reason so don’t beat urself up but rest today and be kind to yourself sending u best wishes​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Considering what has happened to you Bonnie was pleased you could end your post on positive note. It’s a tough journey ahead for all of us but things do get better.

@Bonnie11 sorry to hear of your fall. Hope you’re not too sore today. Look after yourself xx

Hope you’re okay, sending hugs.
I seem to cry and lots even Christmas Adverts on tv.
Take care