Amazing Achievement

Hi Everyone, just wanted to share my achievement  this morning.  With my husband, I have just walked to our local shops to post some letters. I'm 3 years  post stroke and walking with a stick and an AFO.  With my husband's  help, I do a daily exercise  regime which includes  going out for a walk (weather permitting) and we have increased  the distance gradually  over the  lockdown period.  First to the corner of the road and back and then around the corner  to the next corner and then "around the  block".

My husband has spent the past 3 years trying to convince  me that I could manage  the shops and back but I  was adamant  that the shops was a step too far !!  I'm  not sure what happened  today but I felt  up to giving  it a go whilst repeating   "I can do this" in my head. We had to dodge  the water authority digging  up the pavement  and people queueing  to go into the bakers. I did it !! ( 20 mins).

Maybe I need to believe  in myself. Keep up the good work everyone.  Never give up

Regards  Sue 

Very well done Sue. Congratulations! Keep up the very good, courageous work. I am wishing us all the best. 

Ruby ☺

Hi Sue, 

You must be so proud of your achievement. 

Well done.



Fantastic, well doneyes

Wooo hoo! I hope you had a tasty treat from the bakers to celebrate. Well done you! (And your husband/coach)

Thanks for sharing ?

Well done you! When I first walked to the local shop I had to plan the whole thing in my head, including where to sit down if needed. All walks are best taken in stages. I also walk with a stick, but have good days and bad days. On a good day, my walking is fluid, on a bad day it is more hesitant. I am also better at going up slopes rather than down them. A big step forward for you, in moresvways than one.

Well done a step in the right direction. Norma.

Well done Sue!!!

That is such a big achievement. You ought to be very proud of yourself.

Well done.



Well done, Sue. It is good that you are setting yourself challenges and rising to them.

Nine years after my stroke I completed my first half marathon on foot. A lot is possible.

Keep on keeping on!


Hi Damian, A half marathon Wow !! well done to you  too. 

My husband always jokes  when we're  out and people ask what I've  done to my leg, that I'm  training  for the marathon. I  wish, never  say never.

Regards Sue