Am I getting mardy?

Hello I’m joy

I had a stroke 10 years ago was on my right hand side

And in March this year I got another one in the left hand side
I had a op to take the blood clots out of my brain…. They’re were 7 off them.

So now I’m out off hospital

With loads of tablets

And now I think that I’m getting mardy at people all the time

Help xx


Sorry to hear that one stroke is enough for anyone. As long as they get to the root cause of the clots the medication should keep it at bay, meantime you areback on the rehab trail again, good luck

@Joy01 welcome to the group although sorry to hear you’ve suffered another stroke 10 years on.
It’ s normal for emotions to be all over the place following a stroke. Give yourself time & hopefully it’ll settle down for you. Stroke Association have a good leaflet on emotional changes. It may be worth a read.

Good luck on your recovery journey. xx

Sorry about your stroke it’s :poop: good luck where’s it I do think we all get Mardy with this sxxt keep laughing

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Hi Joy–That was only about three months ago. It’s normal for your emotions to be all over the place and intense. With me I found a lot of things funny, and couldn’t stop laughing. So, when you get “mardy” just say afterwards, "I’m sorry. I’m still recuperating from my stroke. I’ll be nicer to be around in a few months. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

How lovely to read the word ‘mardy’. It’s not something I’ve heard much of since moving to the midlands 40+ years ago.
It perfectly describes how you can feel after a stroke and also sums up how I felt at times. Congratulations on surviving another and also your op. X

Mardy is a word that I use a lot lot xx