Am I Driving?

Hello everyone,

Thank you all so much for your replys.

I realise I'm extremely fortunate in being relatively physically fit (maybe not to drive and go back to work so soon again.A few weeks ago, lying in a hospital bed,I could never imagine I would ever drive,or even work ever again. As I've already mentioned in some of my responses to your replys, l passed all of the tests the doctor gave me, quite satisfactory. Only to be told, I'd have to see the consultant at the stroke unit up at the hospital. Maybe I should have seen the consultant first?


PS. When I was answering some of the doctors questions, I was asked: "How did I get here? Did I get in my car and drive?"



This might help, if you manage to get over the effects of the stroke within the month.
You only need to tell DVLA if you’re still having problems 1 month after the stroke.

Thank you nirv, lots of info I didn't know.


Hi Brugge

You may find our leaflet useful also, which clearly explains what to do about returning to driving after a stroke -

You could also look at the Driving section - which offers further useful information.

I hope you're able to return to driving soon. I have also been following your recent posts and it sounds like you went through a really distressing time following your stroke, but you seem to have a good sense of humour and determination to get you through your recovery - thank you for sharing!

Take care