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I’m doing well after my stoke in October 22 but would like to perhaps have a message or try Reflexology to help relax me a little as my anxieties are really bothering me lately. Can’t get advice …general response is if it’s not on NHS we don’t talk about it! Any experiences or ideas appreciated please.



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If you use the magnify glass above and search for massage There are in excess of 50 previous discussions .
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Massage is certainly good for tight muscles. Some find it relaxing which will be good for de- stressing and so maybe de- fatiguing¿



Hi @TigerDub & welcome to the club. Good to hear youre doing well. I haven’t tried massage at all but others on here have & i’m sure they’ll be along shortly with some advice.

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If your anxiety is excessive, it may be that a low dose of anti depressants might help, your GP could advise.

Besides the physical remedies, there are plenty of relaxation items on you tube to listen to. I have found the ones by Paul McKenna to be effective.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Nigel…Anxiety is my worst enemy at the moment and annoying me as I see myself as a very resilient person. Don’t want to take medication for it.


Neither did I previously @TigerDub kind of bought up not to show vulnerability, weakness was for others but found it helped no end. Only for a few months. I think for the most part, bad things just bounce off us but every now and again, perhaps as things build up, we need a bit of help.

Strangely one item which probably had more impact than anything else was a family member not being well. Wouldn’t recommend it !! But that change of focus did help.
Knowing that anxiety is perfectly normal helped me as well, is there a CBT course available to you?

Having to focus on something else for a fair period instead of myself made a huge difference. Walking in nature was also good if you are able. I think having your brain focus on something else is such a relief for it that your brain is better able to cope after. It’s as though it’s working flat out with anxiety and more like going on holiday with a change of scenery.

The you tube video I posted was a real surprise to me. First time I just listened intently, very sceptical of it really. Stayed very alert. Surely something on you tube can’t work.
Second time, lying on the bed, listened with headphones and fell asleep when it said I would and woke up when it said I would. Felt good. As he says it’s not sleep but a trance where you can still hear.

I still like the relaxing method now that he uses of counting backwards. It’s almost like a little comfort blanket whenever I hear it. It might not work for everyone, I didn’t think it would for me but I got that wrong.
Hope it helps

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I haven’t tried reflexology, but I have a massage once a fortnight, for my muscles. There are several different types of massage, so you need to find the best for your needs. You don’t say whether your stroke has affected you badly physically, but any form of exercising can de-stress you. Swimming, walking, aquarobics, dancing all help alleviate stress/depression (I can vouch for all of those).


A massage should be excellent for you. Best of all, find a regular practitioner, build up some trust, and you might just find it invaluable. I do, even if the first one after my stroke freaked me out, but this is because I had no feeling or sensation on my right side. All subsequent sessions went better and better, good luck


Hello TigerDub,
Are your physios / therapists helping? Also try and find some good chill out music in a comfy space to have a doze.
I break my day into various activities to keep my mind on task including relaxing with my favourite hot drink and a book, music or something interesting on telly. Boxsets are best. That has been my help over anxiety along with prayer and meditation.


Many thank…apologies for the delayed response…been busy which as you say can take our minds off Stroke issues ! Can relate to all your comments so it’s very helpful indeed.

Jazzy x

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Thanks for this….always helpful to hear from likeminded people

Jazzy x

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Hoping to take your advice and split my time to include rest periods

I’m too much like the Duracell Rabbit at time !

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