Alternative treatments for headaches

Hi all hope you are well.

I had a stroke 5 months ago, recovery going well I am so lucky. However I am still taking regular paracetamol for headache as advised initially and my doctor's, stroke nurse think I now need to cut back. I tend to agree but has anyone any tips or alternatives? Thanks xxxxxx


Glad you are doing so well. My headaches have deminished, if I feel they are coming on I drink some water and rest. It is important for us to keep hydrated.

ive cut coffee to one a day and tea as well. Lots of water though. I’m not taking any paracetamol at the moment.

keep it up


Hiya, I was exactly the same with lots of headaches. I too cut down with my coffee and drank more water. Now my headaches have gone. I loved a few cappuccinos per day, however I have 1 per day, I still need my fix lol. Hope your well ☺ 

Hi Mo, I had a stroke 5 month too. I'm Aphasia and finding it quite difficult to except but I hopefully will soon. At first I was taking a few paracetamol due to headaches. I drank less coffee and more water and that helped me lots. I miss not having a few cups of cappuccinos per day however I now take 1 per day, I still need my fix lol. Hope this will help with you too. Keep well x

I still need my fix but one only and lots of water. They say the brain needs water to repair.

hopeyouare doing well ?

im good thanks, I got my letter today from DVLA allowing me to drive again


That's great news Sandy! :) 

Thank you, my wife is delighted as I will also be designated driver when we go out ?

Hi Suzanne Thanks so much for the reply and I hope you are continuing to see progress.... My OT keeps reminding me to think what I was initially like post stroke and compare that to now rather than comparing to pre stroke and that does help me see how far I have come. Thanks for the advice- I don't drink a lot of coffee but like you I need one in the morning to get going! I have been trying to drink plenty of water but I'm going to get a bottle which I can keep in the fridge and make sure I do actually drink it rather than guessing!

Take care



Hi Sandy

Thanks so much for the reply. That all sounds good especially the reminder to rest. I think that has been quite a challenge for me to actually allow myself to do that. My consultant did tell me to listen to my body but I guess I'm a bit stubborn, but learning! I saw my GP today and she told me that actually taking too much paracetamol can cause headaches -- well I never knew that. So I have a plan to cut back now and that can be another thing to add to my 'goal planner'.

Take care



That's a lovely early Christmas present! Well done. It's another of my goals but a way off yet I think! Visual perceptual problems and slow response times for me rather than any kind of motor problems. As my loving hubby describes me 'a bit ditsy'! Onwards and upwards and it is so good to hear other peoples experiences and achievements on here.



Keep at it Mo and it all gets better, little by little. It does take time, lots of rest, and if you feel a headache or dizzy spell coming on then have a glass of water and put you feet up.

i felt a bit ropey at the weekend then I looked at what I had done and yes it was too much. 

Look after yourself 

Hi Mo, I had my strokes in 2003 and still get headaches, stroke dr changed one of my tablets but that did not help, so stll have them unfortunatly I said that they like a migraine which I have always suffered with but some times my head wants to take off, sadly after this length of time dont think they are going to go away, if you are taking tablets you couple speak with your stroke dr to see what he/she says about the tablets you are taking.  Hope this helps, good uck Jenny

Hi Jenny thanks so much that's really helpful. Sorry that your headache is still problematic, funnily enough my consultant did mention that I might just be a headachy person! Anyway I'm to try halving the dose of paracetamol because apparently taking a lot can actually cause headache. So I will see how it goes along with all the other great tips from here re fluids, rest etc and hope for the best. Keep positive Love Mo xx

Dear Mo

I do hope the headaches are easing. Always listen to your GP, however I would think that paracetomol is not a god idea on a long term basis.

I have to rest endlessly and it drives me mad. I keep a stroke diary in which I note the level of discomfort, my BP and weight and what I do each day. eg Garden 40mins. Dusted lounge. Brief but enough to compare how the current day is panning out and what I did the last two days.

If I "overo" on Monday then I get a bad tuesday and a poor wednesday.

Before stroke I got migraine. Its been a life long problem. Aspirin worked best to relief a migraine. Since stroke the migraines have almost disappeared. And I dont get head aches. I do get SF (Medical term is post stroke tiredness) and it feels as though my head is being squeezed. Many of us get SF and it takes a unique form in each one of us. Treacle/fog/velvet curtains but the best desciption was "head in the washing machine".

Tablets are not good for SF. Sleep is the best remedy. Just a half hour or whatever works for you. And lots of water whilst your brain is repairing itself, eg the first two years.

Perhaps you might opt to consider exactly when the headaches come upon you and whether you have been "overdoing".

I am not medically trained, just another SS who is happy to share experiences.

Best wishes


Hello Colin

Many thanks for sharing and for some good ideas. I think I might try to keep a wee bit of a closer eye on when they occur and see if there is a pattern. Today I tried a short nap when I felt one starting and that does seem to have worked. The all consuming day long fatigue is less frequent for me now but I guess I still need to take care. For me it feels like I am walking through mud!

Best wishes


Nice way of describing your SF. We all seem to have our own versions.

Best wishes


the other thing you might want to try is something sweet dosnt walways help but better than tablets, also I used have head massgaes which also helped but since moving back to bristol there is no one close it was called raki, and I knoe its not spelt correctly. but that was amazing if they are good at it.... they should not touch your head. Have a good one. Jenny xx


I use "Indian" head massage and it helps improve my whole mood. I dont get the headaches but relaxing the muscles is a good plan .

I think there are several spelling choices for Riki or reike and in any case we all know what you mean, we dont need perfect prose on here and at the beginning we do well to speak or write anything.

Best wishes


Thanks so much Jenny. I've done quite well so far today with taking a reduces dose so fingers crossed. That's interesting about something sweet as I do sometimes feel a bit shaky. I have had reike in the past but not since my stroke so I can put that on my 'plan' .I am so grateful for your support and taking time to answer me xx