Alternative therapy- wow

This might not work for everyone, but following my stroke 6 months ago I’d been suffering headaches and bouts of dizziness. 

seeing a consultant (privately) after 3 months he put the down as chronic daily headaches. Along with the gp,he suggest pain killers etc. 

Last week, I had had enough and something made me the about Acupuncture. 

I had an hour session, where the therapist gave me a full exam, asked if I’d been checked for xyz (which I hadn’t). And he quickly pinpointed the issue. 

Due to my balance being off initially, I was waking stiffly, this compounded up the neck etc etc. 

Whilst it hasn’t solved all the issues, it’s certainly relieved them, and I’m going back. 

Its a shame the dr, or consultant didn’t feel the back of my neck as they would have identified the tension. 

I hope that the next session he can work on some of the other remain he symptoms. Which he thinks he can assist with.

i guess my message it, we all have to think outside the box


Dear Simont,


I am the wife of a stroke surviver, but I can relate to acupuncture and its good effects.

I have a back condition called isthmic spondylolisthesis, it means that my l5s1 vertebra broke and went forward 1 mm. It may not seem a lot, but it is misaligned, although it is stable, sometimes, even with exercises, it causes me such spasms that I have to stop and sit down or hold on to something, otherwise I would fall.

I tried acupuncture, and the spasms stopped almost completely. I love natural medicine,, sometimes conventional medicine doesn't have all the answers, of course people who take medication must check first, but most conventional medicines are made from plants.