All four wheels

I have gone outside in the sunshine and with a small amount of support from my family wash all four alloys on our car with special wheel cleaner that removes road grime and brake dust from the surface of the wheels


Well done @mrfrederickson
Can you send some sunshine this way…it’s been tipping it down all day here :umbrella:

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Will try mrs5k, but I fear a heap of rain is also on its way
I’ve taken crumble in the gallon hard flooring so not feeling to pleasant at the moment.

A bit sore and shook up but still alive. Bound to happen in the early days of stick free walking

Oh no sorry to hear you’ve had a fall. Hope you’re not too sore. These things do happen but still a shock when it does. Take care.

I had never really bothered about cleaning my car down the years. After they went from pride and joy early on to something that got me from A to B I lost interest.
Then I watched a couple of you tube videos and thought I would give it a go. Used this for the wheels and was very impressed

The ultimate though has to be snow foam as a pre wash. Connect the bottle to my pressure washer and cover the car with snow

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Thanks will investigate.
My love affair with the car started when I was 4 and has only been interrupted by the stroke these 3 years now so washing it keeps me mobile focused and pushing forward.

As driving is currently for another year this form of interaction keeps me in contact with my hobby and passion. Plus it maintains my second biggest asset other than my house

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