Alcohol Headaches - Clopidogrel & Atorvastatin

I currently take 75mg of Clop and 40 mg of Ator, one tablet once a day.

I drink about 3 times a week, couple of pints but more often than not, afterwards or the next day, I get a headache on the same side of brain as my Stroke. Ive stopped drinking now which is a real shame as it was one of the only things i enjoyed socially. 

I really liked Real Ale now I have to have juice! 

Anyone else experienced this?


Hello AJH - Have you had the headache since being on the juice? If not, then it probably is the mix of the alchohol with the tablets.  I don't drink so excuse the lack of knowledge about beers but is there a non-alchoholic beer you could try like there is non-alchoholic wine? Most tablets do react in some way with alchohol though.  Or maybe you could try a couple of beers once a week and a non-alchololic drink on the other 2 occasions and see if it still happens.  

After the first year, I drink a couple of glasses of wine a week. Or a single pint of beer a week. I seem OK with this. As I am in my 70s long term damage is less important.

If I drink more then I do suffer with a strange type of hangover. I have learnt not to drink more.

Since stroke, headaches have almpst totally disappeared.

I take 75mg Clop. No statins, But two BP tablets. And then vitamin D and antihistamin. And asthma powders.

I am small build, just 156lbs. 

In your shoes I would eliminate all booze for a month and then see what the medication does. For me I know Clop is no side effects, Statins are awful and BP are essentials. So I have found BP tablets that suit me. My cholestrol is OK so my view is statins are not vital. I have always discussed tablets with the GP surgery before changing them.

Best wishes




After my stroke I did not drink for two years. By this time, I lost a taste for wine. I now have a nightcap of spirits 5 nights a week and have two nights alcohol free. Like Colin, I am in my 70s so long term damage is not an issue. I am not on statins either, but 2 bp tablets. A change of diet means my cholesterol level is normal.

Post stroke, I think we become ultra sensitive to any twinge or variation in the head. 

Thanks I will try that. 

Thanks Colin, this seems similar to what I have experienced. Im getting to used to no beer now but seems ok if its just a pint.

Yes I agree with about being more sensitive now and changing diet etc. Thank you.

Well done AJH

And we save ourselves a few bob.