Alcohol has little effect on me since a stroke 17 years ago

Hi members
I have joined up for 2 reasons
To share my story after 17 years of suffering a stroke as 40 that hopefully reassure people who have had a stroke at a young age that all is not doom and gloom - but I’ll do this later.
But the other reason is to ask if there are others who have found that the effect of alcohol has diminished significant.
Without courting any morality or medical discussion on the use of alcohol.
I have always enjoyed a beer or glass of wine but not to excess, although there have been the odd times when I have over indulged, and paid the usual price.
I had a TIC 18 years ago when 40 and one I recovered and started to adapt and build my life back I realised that I no longer received the usual pleasant feeling or buzz after having a drink or two.
I began an experiment which I repeated again earlier this year and discovered that not only do I no longer feel tipsy I still appear it to others as my outward signs are conducive to being drunk, slurred speech unsteady on my feet etc. These things I am aware of but my mind is clear
My tolerance for alcohol had increase as a result and on one occasion at Xmas I consumed an entire bottle of good bourbon on my own with very few outward signs and no indication in the morning. This is obviously not a good idea and I won’t be doing it again but it re-enforced my point that it is now, if you like, wasted on me.
Many of you will simply say that you don’t see the problem and i should just give up alcohol completely ! I have on a number of occasions done this for 6 months at a time but too be honest I enjoy the taste and social aspect of a drink and as I have already stated I don’t need any judgemental view on the evils of alcohol.
I have rationalised the lack of inner effect of alcohol to the following -
My stroke left me with a core instability that felt similar to the effect of getting up from a chair too quickly an getting a dizzy spell. I feel that this dizzy news remains with me but I have become used to it and no longer feel it’s effect. I play a lot of squash and in the past few year Racketball so have adapted well to “the new me”. I feel that the usual mental effect of alcohol are with me all the time and a drink only adds the the effect that I no longer feel.
I am interested in others experience or take on my assessment.
In short my stroke at 40 was a life changing situation obviously, I had to retire as a Police Officer but have continued to work with the organisation’s a civilian, physically I have very few indications within that I had suffered a stroke and others have no idea, unless the know.
I play lots of sport, travel the world and conduct my life as if nothing had happened.
I am very lucky, I know and appreciate that but as I say am curious about others experience around the alcohol issue as it is the only lasting effect (apart from prematurely needing spectacle).

Thank you for sharing your story! Unfortunately I have found the opposite to be the case with alcohol post my stroke! I feel woozy after half a glass of wine these days!


Thankyou Ali’s for your response.
I had noticed that is generally the experience in other related posts in the forum which lead me to seen the input of others to assure me that is not just me !

Shwmae @PeteForeman, the only thing I can think of is that your body is metabolising the alcohol slower than before. I’m not sure if this would be cognitive though.

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Hi. I have had the exact opposite reaction to you Pete. One glass of wine and I’m feeling a bit tipsy. If I have two I am a bit unsteady and feeling wobbly. Like you I enjoy the social aspect of a glass of wine with friends and a good conversation in our local pub. Strangely I can drink a gin and tonic with no effect. I’m impressed you have done so well as just 3 months after my bleed on the brain I am only just managing to walk indoors with a stick.

Ive steered clear of alcohol sinxe my stroke 8 months ago. 0% heineken is a decent option ive found.
Great to hear your back playing sport something that is on my goals list to get back to - tennis for me .

Cheers for sharing your story