After effects

Hi I am having a few issues and today I had to stay in bed for the morning. Can you tell me please if this is normal.
I still have problems with my balance
Today I had really bad pins and needles in my effected hand.
I also have problems with my effect leg. Feels heavy and top of my leg is painful.
Any help with these problems would be a great help please.
Dolla xx

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I would ask your doctor or Stroke nurse about the pains as each individual is so different but I do agree that it can be a case of 2 steps forward 3 steps back. I thought my balance was fine (7 months on from the Stroke) but there are definitely still days when it plays up and I still get very tired very easily

Sorry to hear you’re having an off day. “Bad” days are normal for stroke survivors sadly. As others have said it may be worth you speaking to the GP about the pins & needles & pain.
Hope you’re feeling brighter tomorrow.
Ann :hugs:

Dolla. Everyone has issues from time to time. As others have said, please check with your gp. After 6 years, I still have to focus on balance. I had pins and needles in my affected hand for the first couple of years, but now they just lack sensitivity. I also have the feeling of paralysis around my affected shoulder, even though it’s in reasonable working order. Some things I just live with.

Thank you all for your help. I will try and see my Gp.
dolla xx

Shwmae @Butcherd01, Dolla. For the first year following the stroke, I was a mess. I call it my year in pyjamas. There was a period of about two months when I spent most days supine. I did exercise, but on the edge of the bed, and in the sitting room with Tai chi. I had all sorts of weird, bodily sensations … pins and needles, sweats, sharp-shooting pangs at the side of my eyes, nerve pain … oh gosh, the list could go on. Some of these I suspect were a side-effect of medication I had started, but some were most likely post-stroke related. However, as a caveat, if anything is worrying you too much, then seek the advice of a GP. Chances are, these odd sensations are not an indication of anything sinister, it’s always good to observe what the body is doing and try and see if it is a pattern, or caused by things like neuro-fatigue. Sometimes, I have found that I get carried away doing stuff and push past my brain capacity. This knocks me out for a day, and only in retrospect do I put two and two together, realising that I did overdo it. Remember, if the brain is incapacitated through exhaustion, it stands to reason, all the other bodily functions like the central nervous system and the vestibular system (balance) can’t function properly either as it is the brain that needs to manage those systems.

Hi Dolla, sorry to hear you’re not your best at the moment, I can’t answer for the pins and needles always worth asking your gp or your stroke nurse if your worried, as far as the feeling unsteady and unbalanced my first stroke was in 2018 and I still have a few balance problems, trying to move too fast and not focusing doesn’t help but sometimes just being stood up for too long.

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Thank you all for your understanding and advice on my last message.
I went to the doctor and most of my problems were Stoke related. The pain in my leg was a inflammation in the bone at the top of my leg leading to the ball and socket joint. He gave me a injection to help. I do feel a little better

Thank you all again.
Dolla xx

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@Butcherd01 so glad you got to see the Dr & got some answers. Hopefully that has put your mind at rest a little. Hope your leg inflammation settles soon
Take care.
Ann xx