AFO Brace

Hi everyone. I know this is a subject we have covered a few times before but I can’t find the previous chats. I have drop foot and wear an FES Pace machine, which has been playing up recently and I’m thinking of reverting to my AFO. Just wondered whether anyone can recommend an AFO. The one I have I’ve had for about 5 years now and I’m thinkjng there might be something better on the market. I’ve been looking on line for a while but the market is full of adverts for various AFO’s all claiming to work wonders, so I’m hoping that someone here can offer some advice or recommendation.

Regards Sue

Hi Sue,

My AFO is a sprystep which is ok but i have a slightly different issue which it is used for.

A lot of people rate the turbomed. I’ve not used it but have seen many stroke survivors say how good it is.

Hope you find something suitable.

Best wishes

Ann xx

I got a custom made one from Dorset Orthopaedics. I have a FES now but the custom made one was good at the time.

Ive been using a TurboMed for nearly a year now. Excellent bit of kit.