Affected Hand

My Mum had a severe stroke 4 years ago. She is 84 and in Nursing Care. The fingers on her affected hand are tight together and have now started to become sore & bleed due to friction between them, as a result the hand is now dressed. Is there a piece of apparatus that may help stop the cause of the friction? I used to try those foam toe separators, but they dug into the hand & did not help. Thank you.


I noticed your post hasn't been replied to yet, I have moved it to another part of the site where hopefully you'll get some support. 

Having muscle contractions after stroke is called spasticity. This may be what is causing your mom's hand to tighten. It can be treated. This may be with a combination of physiotherapy, medication and Botox. If your mom has a physiotherapist, it is important to speak to them about techniques or aids which may help. Also it is important to practice your exercises every day.

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Hello SDH, my mother in law had a problem with her hand closing in on itself. My friend, a physio, got a special hand grip padded with foam which prevented her nails cutting into her palm. It worked for a while. Hope this helps? Others may have better ideas and information. Veronica 

Thank you. Mum does have a splint which is a bit like this. The nursing home doesn't always put it on though...

That’s such a shame! V&J