Hi, I’m hoping that someone may be able to help me. My mother in law suffered from 2 strokes just before Christmas. One has affected her sight, the other has affected her mentally. The hospital have said she has failed 2 capacity tests. She will need full time care going forward. Unfortunately she never appointed anyone power of attorney as we never expected anything like this to happen. I have been looking into deputyship as she owns her own home. Has anyone else been in this position? Do we need to do the deputyship or will social services work with us to make decisions for her? Any advice is appreciated. It’s so much to take in on top of the devastation of her stroke. We just want the best for her.

Thank you. Unfortunately we cannot get power of attorney as she has lost capacity. It’s very expensive to get a deputyship and we just don’t have the spare money. X

Hello Ruth

I am in the same position with my husband. He suffered a major brain haemorrhage at the end of November and is still in hospital. I think you will find social services will automatically become involved. We had a best interest meeting just before Christmas, when it was agreed he will need a nursing home placement. The social worker is trying to identify possibilities.

Are you aware there will be 4 weeks NHS funding initially? In that 4 weeks you need to make sure the checklist for Continuing Health Care (NHS funding) is completed. If your mother in law may be eligible things then proceed to a full assessment.

We haven’t done anything yet about deputyship as I hope my husband may yet regain sufficient capacity for an LPA to be possible. If not we will have to go down that road eventually.

Contact Beacon, who will advise re Continuing Health Care procedures. Dont panic, take a few deep breaths and let the system proceed for the moment

Good luck

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