Advice required

My partner and I each own our own home. My partner lives in a 2 bed semi with stairs and I live in a ground floor flat. She is currently still in rehab after 3 months but the team are wanting to see my property. My question is. What happens to her home if she comes to live with me? Would she be entitled to benefits? Would it be better for her to try and get back to her own home? Currently she is unable to use stairs. Ideally we would like to sell both of our homes and purchase a bungalow. She doesn’t have savings so does anyone know what the best idea from here would be financially? She obviously doesn’t want to lose her home to caring costs.


@Fledge this is a very complex area & can depend on so many different factors. I would suggest seeking advice from professionals- you could start with Citizens Advice.

You have to be so careful as you dont want to be accused of anything like deliberately depriving yourselves of capital to avoid care costs.

It’s a minefield so tread carefully.

She could well be entitled to PIP & maybe new style ESA if she has paid full NI contributions in the last 2 years & has exhausted her entitlement to SSP. Other benefits are means tested & i think if you live together your income would be taken into account.

As i say seek professional advice if you get it wrong it could turn into an expensive mistake.

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I second what Ann has said