Advice re mental health and physio in the York area

Hi everyone, my mum had a stroke about 9 months ago. She was discharged from hospital just before the March lockdown which meant she got very little follow up. She really could do with some counselling and physio. I wondered if anyone had any recommendations for professionals in the York area? Thank you. 

Hi Naomi - Sorry to hear about your mum and the lack of support. I am in Yorkshire but not in York and although I can thoroughly recommend my physio, she is in Wakefield so probably too far for your Mum to travel.  One thing which seems to be lacking in physio now is actual hands on treatment so if you do find one in York area. it's worth asking what sort of treatment they offer as I have wasted so much money going private for physio who just want to chat.  I'm not that lonely to pay £60 to chat to someone LOL! 

Thank you so much for your reply. I can imagine finding the right physio is difficult. You need someone specialist and agreed on the chatting front! Whilst Wakefield may be too far, my dad is able to drive her. So perhaps you could pass on the details of your physio and we can see? Else your physio might be able to recommend someone closer - which would also be helpful. Thank you in advance! 

Hi Naomi - I will message you through here privately with her details and phone number if thats OK?  She is lovely and used to work at Pinderfields in the spinal unit. She may be able to let you know about someone nearer home too.

Thank you, that would be great! 

Hi Naomi - I sent it yesterday via private message - did you get it OK?