Advice please

I now live with my daughter and grandchildren in her council house as I’m disabled after having 3 strokes and lung disease does council need to know

The answer is they probably do as you are a resident rather than a visitor

I would inform them,then there is no comeback on you All if they say they didn’t know
I hope you are coping and grandkids aren’t too noisy,but take care,best Bernadette.x

I agree. You must inform them. Lilian

Yes council now I’m living here but what benefits could I qualify to help my daughter

Hi Mick, not in council, but my disability makes me void, of council tax, therefore my wife gets, single occupant discount. All helps. Good speaking David.

Hi @Mickyboy - without knowing your exact circumstances it is impossible to give specific advice. I see that the council tax discount and carers allowance have been mentioned and you should explore both of those.
It would be beneficial to get a telephone appointment with Citizens Advice so they can do a full benefit check for you (and your daughter if necessary) and even help you apply for appropriate benefits/allowances/grants. If you look at their website at there is a section that gives details of your local branch, including the number to ring for advice.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for reply I already get attendance allowance low rate can’t get pip as over 65 I’m 70 also don’t qualify for mobility allowance.

Hi @Mickyboy - because you already receive Attendance Allowance your daughter may be able to claim Carer’s Allowance.
Although I used to work for the Department for Work and Pensions, it’s many years since I was on the benefit side and I’m no expert. I do think that Citizens Advice will be able to help you find your way through the sometimes confusing rules around claiming benefits.

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Will try thanks for the help mick

The council tax benefit is if your Doc will confirm you have a severe mental impairment and you should then be disregarded and if it just you and your daughter ( and her children) then she will get 25% discount as a single occupier.
I phoned and tried to claim but the agent said its just for people with dementia etc. But I asked for a claim form anyway. What is stroke if not a severe mental impairment which affects us in so many more ways then Alzheimers or other dementia related illnesses ? Physical, mental, cognitive and emotional.

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Hi @Huntspete - I do know someone who got the council tax discount because of a stroke, so you’re right to claim it. It’s always the best bet; the agents who answer the phone don’t always have the same depth of understanding as a decision maker.
Good luck!

Yes, I have got the discount, I was just keen to pass the info on to others and you are correct, the agents dont fully understand, so do not get into a discussion with them, just ask for the application form to be sent.