Advice please

I have recently been told I have suffered a stroke in the past, in the corona radiata region,couldn't tell me when and I have no recollection of ever feeling as though this could of happened. I went for an mri for something unrelated and they picked up an infarction on my frontal lobe, various test and the Dr told me this news. I am 42 year old male, consider myself quite healthy. And don't have any symptoms or side effects. I have been put in aspirin and atorvastatin long term. Any advice ??

this is what the letter says 

old infarction in the right corona radiata and centrum semiovale involving the MCA and ACA watershed territory with exvacuo dilation of the body of right lateral ventricle 

hello Simon I can only say to you that you have been fortunate they found that in an unrelated Mri  scan. I had my stroke in 2017 and when  saw the stroke specialist he said I had had 2 small strokes which I new nothing about. You are on the right medication and that will protect you from another stroke. I cant understand these words they use and they just frighten us as we dont understand. I hope you go on alright and I am sorry I cannot help you further. Best wishes to you. Norma Jean.

Thanks for the reply Norma 

you are welcome Simon I hope everything works out for you and I am sure it will. You are young and that is in your favour as well. Keep positive I am trying to even though I am usually a very negative person. It does help if you are posiitive and look forward to better times . All the very best to you. Norma 81 yrs.