Advice on wheelchairs

my husband had a stroke five months ago and cane home from rehab hospital with a small wheeled transfer chair. Now he wants to get out and about I am having difficulty pushing him outdoors in it. I was advised by my local mobility shop that even though he can’t self propell , as he can only use his left arm and leg, I should get a large wheeled one as they are easier to push. I also need to get it in a car .Has anyone any advice please 

My brother has had a large wheeled transfer chair for 4 yrs now.. although he cant use his right leg or arm he gets around on his own on it.. he takes off the foot plate for his good Foot to pedal and uses his right arm to propel the wheels.  It’s folds up (they all do) and I get it into the boot of the car .  It’s not a big car so you should be a le to haul it in upright or flat.  My brothers chair weighs 14 kilos.   I manage and can always find a chap to help! 

Thank you that is useful. I now have a light weight small wheeled chair which I keep in the car for shopping trips etc and a large wheeled one for rougher ground etc .He will try taking off the footplate for his good leg and see hoy we get on

I have found that I can get round the house OK with 1 arm & foot. I use furniture and doorways to propel me.

I have a "Days" wheelchair. It is very light and folds down quite easily to go in the boot.  They are available on Amazon & other online sites (and don't forget your VAT relief)