Advice on assisted living/care home

Hello all.

Does anyone have an experience of their loved one staying in an assisted living facility/care home? I have a few questions I'd like to ask. Thank you :) 

My Mum was in a care home for a year before she passed away. She hadn't had a stroke but she was 94 and unable to look after herself anymore. What sort of questions do you want to ask... fire away!

Hi, thank you for replying. My husband was sent to an assisted living facility last Thursday. The staff are kind but not overly helpful and there have been a few mishaps. I feel totally lost and don't really know who to raise my concerns to. No one has explained anything about his stay. My sister in law and I are calling to ask questions all the time but don't want to annoy them as we're worried that might affect his care. I can't see him as all new residents have to self isolate for 2 weeks so he can't leave his room. I don't know where to go for help. Thank you x

Mmm - unfortunately, I don't have experience of assisted living I'm afraid. Only thing I can suggest is contact whoever it was that sent your husband to the assisted living centre or Social Services and ask for information as to the normal routine and what your husband has the right to expect etc.

I know with my Mum, it is difficult to get answers to questions because they are always too busy to pin down. I am going back 9 years since she passed away but from what I hear on here, things don't seem to have improved much in the way of care in care homes. My Mum had a care plan which they had to stick to and sign to say they had done certain things each day like washing, how much she had eaten/drunk, hair combed etc. Maybe that is something you could look into to putting in place.  Difficult I know due to Covid but even so, there are procedures to be followed whatever living facilities one is placed into i.e, a duty of care.

My o wn experience of Social Services is communication between departments is dire and trying to get them to talk to each other is even worse.  Your husband, I think, like my Mum had,  should have been allocated a Social Care Worker to look after his wellbeing so if you can pin them down, they may be able to help more.  



Thank you for your helpful response :) xx