Advice needed please

My Nan has had a minor stroke a week ago. She has no problems, other than the stroke has caused her to lose her vision. She has been transferred to a rehabilitation unit. I was just wondering how long she would be in there? And if she could come home and we, as a family, could manage her care?

Hi Hayley, Much will depend on how old your nan is and how able bodied she was before the stroke. Even a mild stroke can knock confidence and physical ability. The purpose of rehab is to assess your Nan's needs and any support she might need in order for her to return home safely. It sounds as if nan lives by herself and that will be an important consideration before sending her home.

I had a big stroke four years ago and spent six weeks on a rehab ward. Before being allowed home I was taken on a home visit to see what adjustments needed to be made. They put in hand grabs, an extra stair rail and a seat in the shower. This was done free by Age UK. I also had six weeks support at home by our community stroke team. This included things like how to use my kitchen and how to get in and out of the shower safely. Fortunately, I have a partner so am well supported.

My friends on this site will also advise you and do ring the Stroke Association helpline, because they can advise you further. As a family, you perhaps need to talk to her rehab medical team about her requirements and discuss whether you, as a family, can meet these needs. I wish you all well.

She is 86 years old. And was extremely independent. The o my thing that the stroke has changed is her eye sight. Where she currently lives is not suitable for her to go home too; the door ways are not wide enough to walk a Zimmer frame through. So we are possibly thinking about moving her in with my mum. I'm more worried about my nans mental health to be honest. She wants to come home already. And is used to being around people. (She has a very large family) unfortunately due to the current situation with coronavirus she is only allowed 1 visit a day for 45 minutes. She has been in hospital a week today. And has been asking for a bath/shower and still has not been given one. I just feel she would have better care at home. Any advice is welcome. Thankyou x