Adult Disability Payment Scotland only

Has anyone been transferred from pip onto adp yet?

I get my last pip payment next week then adp takes over, there’s a review pack heading my way. Anyone dealt with this yet?

Hi @jane.cobley in Scotland the government are taking over pip its called adult disability payment or adp, everyone will gradually be moved over over to it.

Hi Sharon, I live in Scotland too, and as far as I know the changeover is seamless. I’ve been getting PIP for a year and an half and I’ll just continue to get the same amount when the changeover happens.
When I was awarded PIP, the letter stated that I wouldn’t be reassessed for three years.
I got a letter telling me that there’s no need for me to do anything.
Hope this helps x

Hi @Jinty mine seems a bit different, I got the letter saying payments contine when they take over and I didn’t need to do anything until my review pack arrives! The letter mentioned seeing if there was any changes to my condition etc it seems like reapplying because it also mentioned sometimes face to face consultations are needed but they try not to if they have enough info. Urgh I can’t be bothered going through all this again.

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Perhaps you are due a review :slightly_frowning_face:
Hopefully, if things are the same, it’s just a formality.
I know what you mean about the thought of filling out the forms and having interviews again. That was stressful.
Fingers crossed things will be ok.