Sorry me again! Has anyone tried Accupuncture to help with stroke and if so did it help? Apparently it’s supposed to help open pathways. Would be prepared to try it but just wonder if anyone had tried it. Thanks


Hi, I’ve never tried acupuncture but have always been interested in that type of thing and would be keen to hear if anyone has any feedback. The only negative is that it’s quite expensive and I think you’d need to have regular sessions.

Looking forward to reading the feedback.

Regards Sue

My Partner is an Acupuncturist and I can recommend it (in so far as you are able to ‘recommend’ complementary medicine).
As for it being expensive… you get 45mins in a typical session for #40 to #80 GBP (typical range). That beats going to the dentist, a physio, or your accountant!
And it beats seeing your GP for 5 minutes, or waiting in A&E for 3 hours.

I would say, find one who does more than just put needles into set points. Make sure they are one that takes your pulses, checks your tongue, listens to your ailments and works out the type of physiology you have, because that determines the points to use and they are different for different people.

I can say it really works for me, for whole body health and for so many different things. Those Chinese didn’t spend thousands of years figuring out nothing.

Note that it may go hand in hand with your diet. And there are other treatments they can do such as cupping and moxa (heat sticks).

Some GPs will recommend it, especially for set ailments. Stroke is one because there is repair work to happen and acupuncture is very good at stimulating your own immune system and recovery.

Some say it is pyschosymatic… I say I don’t care if taking a placebo works, it works.

Lastly, look up Battlefield Acupuncture. If medics take needles into the theatre of war, to do what morphine does when they have run out, then they know it works and can be powerful.


Thanks for that information that is very helpful. I have made an appt with an acupuncturist for 18th of this month. Im going on the theme of if I dont try it I will always be wondering if it would have helped! Thanks for replying


Good motto. Good luck. We are Oxford way if that helps. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

My nhs neuro physio uses it and ive been a believer in its usefulness for a few years.

Good luck abd hope you get a good outcome


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Thanks for that. I’ve had 2 sessions without any improvement and have another next week. Fingers crossed it begins to help