Hi everyone,  Has anyone  had any experience of  having  acupuncture  ? I am nearly 4 years  post stroke, which left me with  left side paralysis. Like everyone  else,  due to the  Covid  situation  I've  had no therapy  and no hospital check ups for nearly a year and have  been thinking of trying  something a bit different, in the hope  that  something  actually  helps me in this nightmare  situation.

I would be grateful  for any advice  regarding  acupuncture.

Regards Sue 


Dear Sue

It will not do any harm.

I had sessions for anxiety etc and it works. The skill is with the person providing the acupuncture.

Four years on and yes, recovery can kick in at any time

Best wishes Colin

Hi Susan

I've had acupuncture a few times but mine was about 20 years ago.  It does work but you need a few sessions to complete the treatment. ~It doesn't hurt because the needles are so fine but if you get an acupuncturist who likes to 'waggle' the needles around once they are in, it can be a bit uncomfortable but certainly bearable.  I was incredibly tired after each treatment but fine the next day. 

I've also had acupuncture done by an NHS physio back in the days when 'hands on' treatment was around LOL!  That was for frozen shoulder and it got rid of it within 6 sessions.  The NHS can provide acupuncture on prescription but it depends on whether your doctor recognises it as an alternative treatment or not.  Most GP's don't unfortunately - they think it is mumbo jumbo.  Although some forward thinking Drs are all for alternatives to drug treatment so worth a try.  It's very relaxing. Mine played chinese relaxation music whilst the needles were in and then after did a bit of reiki.  

Would be worth mentioning if you are on blood thinners or not although you will be asked to complete a full questionairre before treatment. As far as I know, you can still have acupuncture on some blood thinners just depends which one.

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Hi, thanks for your reply.  I'm not on blood thinners. I just happen to read that acupuncture can  sometimes help with spasticity.  I have botox injections  but because  they are not given regularly  enough (every 3-4 months), they are not very effective, so thought that  acupuncture might be an alternative.

Regards Sue 

My experience of Acupuncture has been very good, for many different issues. Acupuncture is non invasive and can help a lot. For me, this was included with Traditional Chinese Medicine, which covers aspects of health, diet and wellbeing. I would not be walking or playing sport without this.

The downer for me is that I have to be cautious about Acupuncture now as I am on blood thinners. I believe that treatment is possible with care, but needles need to thinner and not inserted deeply. I have not tried it yet though after my stroke. I cannot prove it, but my survival of the stroke may have been influenced by regular acupuncture for five years.

There are different types of Accupunture. I recommend a total body approach, but I cannot look at what is happening! This is not for everyone.

With COVID-19, I am very cautious about treatments, but if it has to be done, then it is worth a try!

Hi exboss had a stroke last year.i recommended her an acupuncture clinic & she has had several sessions & found it very helpful.the practitioner was very experienced though so id get a good one preferably on recommendation.hope that helps.if ur in greater london/southeast i can give u the name of the acupuncture clinic.all the best.

Hi thanks for your reply. We are in Kent in Greater London and I would be grateful  if you could let me have  the name of the acupuncture  clinic.

Regards Sue 

Hi Sue, the clinic is kika clinic in exboss has acupuncture with the gentleman at the clinic as he is more experienced than his wife who also offers acupuncture.good luck with it wen u get to try it.all the best.mol

Thank you for that.

Regards  Sue 

Thanks for this thread.
My partner is an acupuncturist and suggested it for my brother who is 6 months into recovery. So I know how she treats all sorts of symptoms (but so far not strokes) and I can say it works.
As to needing several sessions… When was the last time you visited a GP and went away cured? Or a physio? Treatments take a few sessions to have full effect, though you should get some improvement with each one.
A good acupuncturist will need to know you, in order to treat you differently from the next patient. So they ask a lot of questions to get to your character, and use different points as a result.
They also can use heat (moxa) instead of needles, and personally I think this is a good option for stroke treatment.
I am really surprised it is not recommended generally.

Let’s see. We are going to try it.