Aching arms

Hi guys needing some advice the tops of my arms are really aching from my shoulders to my elbows on both arms,I had blood test and the doctor said it could be a symptom from my atrofastatin.,which causes muscles to ache so I'm stopping these tablets for two weeks to see how it goes .because my collestrol is normal, has anyone any help please x

hi, i feel that tops of my arms ache, particularly left arm, everything seems such an effort!:(:(, spirits are pretty high, i walk into things sometimes and feel "clumsy" eg door frame,,, in flat,, or bump into things??, feel familiar,,, I feel really uncomfortable phoning surgery,,, as over last few months, calls have been on the up??,,, anyone else feel like this please,, it feels like i must be phoning them couple of times per month,, haven't mentioned achey arms yet:(!!

I also Feel pretty much at this but I'm hoping to get some targeted physio advice this week intending to ask of an exercise for specific muscles. If I have any success I'll let you know

thanks, thanks for reply

Hi, you could try looking at exercises on Sunderland These have been recommended to me by my physio they cover various areas of the body and I think they are worth a try

Thank you 

You could try a lower dose of statin combined with Coenzyme Q10. I had severe nerve pain in my left leg, accidently stopped taking Atorvastatin due to pharmarcy being unable to deliver for five days, nerve pain went away the day after stopping. Having continued to stop until I can seek advice from GP to alternative. Although, GP didn't twig the nerve pain might be statin induced, put me on Pregabalin to try and manage it. So, it feels like we've got to keep our research hats on while juggling stroke symptoms. 

Did your stroke leave you with one sided weakness?

 Very common for those with hemiplegia is weakness in the rotator cuff muscles that help keep your upper arm connected to the shoulder socket. A common condition is called

Subluxation where the arm bone pulls on the socket and becomes partially dislocated. I struggled with it for the first year and it can be very painful. What worked for me was doing shoulder exercises every day for several months. If you have this yo can feel a slight gap at the top of your arm just below the clavicle bone where the shoulder socket is. The rotator cuff is a set of small muscles that can easily be pulled and cause pain. They can become very weak after neurological injury. Simple shoulder shrug movements are very beneficial. You can find a very useful programme for Upper limb recovery if you search for the Grasp programme online I think you can download exercises free.

I still don't have much activity in my affected arm but no longer have any pain. It took about a year to fully sort the pain issue which at times was excruciating. Now five years in and trying to restart some work to get muscle activation in my arm. Got tired of it being a passenger! Hard to get going again tbh. 

 Good luck hope that is of some help 



Good luck