It’s 23 months since my stroke but this was a defining week in my recovery. Me and my husband went see Take That at Birmingham Utilita Arena. We stayed in a hotel just 8 mins away normal speed (slower for me of course), a mostly flat easy walk. I had been there before my stroke so I knew the Arena set up and where the step-free entrances were. The staff at the arena were fantastic. When inside they found me a wheelchair and took me to my seat, which was on the arena floor. Although we had seats, everyone stood up during the concert. I stood up quite a lot but sat down when I needed to. After the concert I was pretty tired out, but the Arena staff couldn’t have been more helpful. While my husband went back to the hotel for my wheelchair, they let me wait indoors. Was then told we could have left our wheelchair with them and they would have looked after it securely after all! I remember just after my stroke a doctor said I would never walk again.


Well done ! Outstanding story !

Why do people say such things as “you’ll never walk again”? They are the ones who should never make false statements … again ! And, you proved them wrong ! My wife was told, during my stroke, “I don’t know how he’s still alive?”. Well I am still alive, thank you very much, kind nurse! The head nurse said to me “I hope you make it…” etc etc

I’m sure you’ll stand more and sit less,
meanwhile, congrats. ! ciao, Roland


I hope that doctor says to you, “I’ll never say that again.” :smile: Well done on enjoying an evening out with some tunes. These events are life affirming and esteem boosting, not to mention just jolly good fun.


:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: Congratulations, that must have been so much fun for you and well worth the fatigue :clap: :clap: :clap::partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Sounds like you had a great night out and all went really well. Well done on proving the drs wrong…when they say things like you’ll never do that again it is always satisfying to prove them wrong. I wonder if they do it to spur us on.


I sometimes wonder that’s why they say it, to encourage us to fight :smile:


Well done you :clap:. Sounds like you had a great night. It’s so good to hear that the staff were accommodating, it certainly makes you feel more confident when you’re considering doing something different.

We recently had a night out at the O2 Arena in London in one of the private boxes and I thought I was being adventurous :grin:. I used my wheelchair because we knew it would be really busy and I was so glad I did. Again, the staff were really accommodating and helpful and everything was wheelchair accessible.

If only your hospital doctor could see you now, you definitely showed them. Well done :clap:
I hope you have many more exciting trips out to come.

Regards Sue


I’m sure that isn’t the case :slight_smile:

Med-staff capabilities would be improved if they effectively covered communications from subject matter ‘experts?’ to the emotionally vulnerable.

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Well done (sorry I’m late replying) & thanx for sharing something uplifting as an example to us all

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