Hi had my stroke 2018 left side hit and I am left handed but I am proud of myself I am learning to use my right hand can now write my dropping a few things but who cares just got to keep trying I am 86 I will beat this thing before it beats me so don't give up keep smiling 

wow Go Girl. i should learn from you i will be 41 in somedays and already giving up.

felt so ashamed after reading about you.


thank you x

Hi Nadya

Thank you for your note if you ever want to write to me do so.....don't let things or people get you down....the way I look at things is think of those out there worse than me....children who have not seen life yet  have had a stroke and women no arms or legs yet they get around don't they.....don't give up we have to fight these things

You are young you can do it....yes we get down days and will do our life has changed now

We must learn again just take one day a time do things one by one then rest if some one says you talk funny or do things funny just say....I am doing what I can I am a stroke survivor .....ifeel proud of what I have managed to do since this stroke .....just keep going don't give in Take care keep smiling love Dolly

Dolly, what a great reply. I agree with you whole heartedly. There are many worse off. I am also a proud survivor and although every day is a challenge, I carry on and try to add to my achievements. We must all never give up. On holiday last week, I met and 88 year old who was twenty one years post stroke. She was determined too and certainly enjoying her holiday.

Thanks John

Got stroke lady coming today from hospital about my speech I know I have Aphasia think I spelt it right well did try ?

You just keep going us young ones can do it love Dolly get well soon

Hi Dolly,


All of you here are such an inspiration I cannot explain how it is helping me I have met very supportive and people who can understand my pain my thoughts after stroke. Thank you to all of you. It is so relaxing to express to someone how I feel how I am avoiding my family because they don't understand how it feels.


yes you are right reading about someone else's pain or seeing them does make you feel how fortunate I am, in my ward I was the only one who use to get up every morning to take shower or go and ask for more coffee for breakfast or to walk around after food or to change or help around others. I still think about them all day they used to stay in bed only service they used to get is to change there urine bags and food tray some time they used to force them to get up and eat sometime used to be removed untouched. in the afternoon physiotherapist used to come just talk and ask them can you stand on your feet nothing else, those 4 women are still the part of my memory I can't forget about them.

People from perfect world don’t know how to deal with us, we have to share with each and be each other’s strengths.

Lots of love,


Yes these are my friends now because they know what I am talking about...and what a help they have keep looking in there is always some one there to listen love Dolly

thanks and sending lots of love and respect to your way. xx

Wow proud of myself today i can loom knit again using my other hand....can't hold knitting needles yet or tunision needle but will keep trying.....having a cup of tea to celebrate Dolly