Accessing a slot for supermarket deliveries for loved one affected by stroke

Good Afternoon everyone. I have a query on behalf of someone else about accessing supermarket delivery slots. Previously, people classed as 'vulnerable' could access priority slots for deliveries. However now that shielding is 'paused', I believe this system is not up and running anymore. Now that restrictions have been coming back in recently, how can you access these delivery slots? Has anyone had a positive experience accessing a delivery from a supermarket, or have any useful advice on this matter? I am sure there are many people affected by stroke out there who are experiencing the same concern.

Many thanks,


Hi Jennifer, I found that ASDA were absolutely hopeless.  However, Morrisons were good, slots available although sometimes they were late in the evening (but better than nothing), and Tesco were reasonably good.  I think it may depend on your area.  I now shop every fortnight so that I've always got a delivery slot booked.  It's something of a logistical nightmare keeping track, but once you get into the routine it's not too bad.  I'm fairly good at keeping lists, so I order what I need rather than impulse buys, and then forget the essentials!!  

Good luck xx

Sainsbury's did have a helpline. It was easier to access deliveries if you had used them before. If the helpline has closed l would contact your local store. I have noticed that there are more slots available now. I can usually get a delivery , or a click and collect, within 2 days.

As others have said, I guess area by area may differ for the national supermarkets. My experience is with Tesco who have a 3 week offer of delivery days so currently I have my delivery booked for this Thursday and next Thursday. Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will book my order for the third Thursday. Slots are usually available still at 9am when I check. The day before the delivery I can update and finalise my order which ensures I have everything I need. This also means that when I put my order in tomorrow for the third Thursday it can just be for a couple of items to book the delivery slot, and I will update the order the day before it’s due with a full list of things I want. This sounds complicated but I have got into a routine (always helpful with the brain!) and it works for me. Pat