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Would appreciate if anyone has any tips re the above. Am looking for a week in Spain, Portugal, somewhere not too far in the sun this autumn. Doesn’t need to be wheelchair accessible but can’t do steps. Lots of hotels have lifts but inaccessible pools…no point in me going if i can’t at least make a quick splash. Other thing is cost…max budget around £600 for half board. Any experiences or suggestions gratefully received.
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No expertise but found…

With a simple search. I suspect with more focus EG looking at ageUk ? Might give other specialist companies :slight_smile:

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Hi Valerie, a good question.
Someone posted a while ago regarding accessible holiday accommodation and recommended some websites.
I have been searching for the post using the magnifying glass🔎 in the top right corner but have had no luck so far.

Looking forward to reading the replies. Thank you for asking the question.

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Hi @SingingDeer a couple of hotels I have been to are Hotel Cala Bona, Cala Bona Majorca. You need one of their walk in shower rooms but there are lifts to get you around and also lifts that take wheelchairs to get you to the pool etc.

Also the Levante (Tui Blue) also in Cala Bona. This too is a disabled friendly hotel. There is a route to the pool using steps but you can go around a short distance and there are no steps. If you use a wheelchair you need to look for one of their larger rooms. If you don’t use a wheelchair then a smaller room is fine. It has a walk in shower and they provide grab rails and shower seats as standard.

I have stayed at both of these post stroke & I struggle with stairs and they were both fine for me.

The resort of Cala Bona / Cala Millor is very flat and the beach has disabled access in places.

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No advice but hope you manage to find somewhere nice. I miss swimming but since having seizures after my stroke in January, I’m not quite brave enough to try a pool just yet.

Great info, we have always loved Majorca, will definitely have a look at these 2 hotels.

Thanks for sharing.

Regards Sue

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I love Majorca too & especially Cala Bona. It has a harbour just at the front of the Cala Bona Hotel & the Levante is just a short walk from the harbour.

It’s perfect for me with my dodgy walking. We are going to the Levante again this year.

Hi, thanks, will take a look.