Accessible Clothing

Hi, I'm new to the forum

A small group of us – some with first-hand experience of fashion, others with experience of a disability – are working on an exciting new range of clothes aimed specifically at people who struggle to dress. The range will be stylish, well made, comfortable and affordable. It will make life easier, and make its wearers feel great again.


As we work on the collection, we would love to hear from you. What are the struggles you currently have and what sort of clothes would help you?

Feel free to tell us your personal stories about the clothes you have that work and those that don’t work.

Tell us, too, about the clothes you long for to make you feel fabulous.

Our aim is to make super-smart clothes that are super-easy to put on and wear. With your help, we will try to make life just that little bit easier and that little bit more fun.

So do get in touch either here in the forum or on email if you would prefer 


Thank you so much.

Hi - My dream would be dresses with zips as far down the side as possible without spoiling the look of the garment rather than at the back or a tiny one at the side.  As I live on my own, I have no-one to zip me up and the dresses I've seen and love all have small side zips which doesn't give me enough space to get my arm through the sleeve.  I tend to go for stretchy dresses which are fine for winter but love summer, floaty fabrics but these don't tend to have any 'give' in them. 

Oh and, should you do a petite range i.e., short legs and short arms in normal sizing 10 - 20 (rather than size 6/8! ) I would love to hear! 

Thanks so much for your feed back. Unfortunately  it's going to take a while before it will be launched. I have to do a lot more research before  hand .thanks for your time  .Mel 

Footwear is the big issue for me. There are few companies that do half sizes (I am 6.5) and alot of flat shoes look rubbish with the dresses I like to wear.

I’m all about simplicity.
I wear pants with an elasticated waist.
A short sleaved ‘T’ shirt.
A simple crew neck sleeved knitted sweater.
Easy to put on and take off unaided.