Access to your medical records and others

Hi all I was reading another thread where this was mentioned and didn’t want to hijack the topic, so thought I’d create a new thread.

I’m in Deal, in the UK, but according to the thread, not all parts of the UK offer this.

I use a site called Patient Access for my meds and there’s a menu on the left for medical records which did nothing. Anyway, I researched it a bit and you have to request it from your GP and provide ID (of course). You also need to ask for your ‘fully coded record’ which is the Full Monty. I wanted the whole lot to see if there were any errors.

After a few days, the option on Patient Access worked, so could see it all. It was all accurate, apart from when I had my appendix out as a young lad. I’m pretty sure it’s about 5 years out. However, I’m 64 now so don’t really care and I can’t see any medical significance in that.

I do like to check records held about me. A few months ago, I found a free credit check service on the Money Saving Expert site. I did this and it was all ok, apart from it said I had a financial relationship with someone in Peterlee reported by Egg who I used to have a credit card with. Never heard of it. Had to google it and it’s up Durham/Harlepool way. A bit of digging through old documents reminded me that Egg mistakenly transferred someone else’s store card to my account. They corrected it and paid me compensation. This triggered a link between myself and whoever it was.
I went on the Experian web site and there’s an option to report errors. I filled this in and a couple of days later, got an email to say the link has been deleted. Probably not earth shattering, but you never know what might have come out of it.

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Hi Steve, @fryingtonite I requested access to my records a while back. I get to mine through the NHS App but can also see them on Patient Access. It means i can see my blood results, check my referrals, read hospital letters etc without the need to sit in a long phone queue to get them.

I think they must be releasing access to records to all, maybe in stages, as hubby can now access his & he has never requested it.

As for the credit check I was refused credit many years back due to an error on my credit record. Very important to check it is correct.


It’s handy isn’t it? Apart from taking a peek through for errors and significant dates, You can avoid the ‘receptionist error’ which has happened to us a number of times and as you say, the repeated:

“Your call is very important to us…” :sleeping:


Thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:

access to patient records doesn’t work in Scotland.

Never have checked my credit history but I paid off my mortgage and I don’t buy anything on credit so it probably doesn’t affect me

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Thank you, Simon. I had no idea, even after being here so long. I still don’t know how to use this site. I don’t even know how to start a new thread.

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